Review – Enthiran

Star-casts: Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Danny Denzongpa, Kalabavanmani, Karunaas, Santhanam and others
Banner: Sun Pictures
Production: Kalanidhi Maaran
Direction: Shankar
Music: A.R. Rahman
Cinematography: Rathinavelu
Editing: Anthony
Art: Sabu Cyril

The mother of all big tickets ‘Enthiran’ has hit screens and we bring you the most exclusive and very well detailed review of the film.

Synopsis :

Top scientist Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajnikanth) is spotted with thick beards and long hairs as the scientist has been straining himself working on a challenging project. It is about inventing a humanoid Robot ‘Chitti’ (again played by Rajnikanth), which will indeed be used for developmental endeavors in all arenas. Well, the Robot acquaints with your senses throughout as it keeps helping everyone, especially Vaseegaran’s girlfriend Sana (Aishwarya Rai). When it is the right time to introduce him to the Whole World, the senior scientists association rejects the invention ‘Chitti’ as it lacks the sense of judgment (more illustrious with the shot where Danny Denzongpa, the senior scientist asks to stab Dr. Vaseegaran). Unaware that inserting the programming chip that lets the Robot feel like human being would result in bizarre of events, Dr. Vaseegaran accomplishes with the mission. Alas! The next proceedings will keep you studded with excitements and moves you the edge of your seats. Incredulously, for the last 30mins you will have to keep your hands ready for continuous claps and whistles.

Performance :

Superstar Rajnikanth is awe-inspiring. Never imagined of such a fantabulous characterization and it is worth mentioning that Rajnikanth has paid keen attention on each and every gesture of his. The dance sequence of ‘Chitti Showcase’ is impressive and we had never imagined Rajnikanth shaking legs in such a stylish way. Mark our words! Although Aishwarya appears in gorgeous looks, it’s our Superstar rocking on the floors. The last 30mins of his performance is fantastic. Who is the Black Sheep? mazzzhhaa…. What a stunning punch? The last touch by ‘Chitti’ soaks your eyes in tears and it touches the social message that Shankar conveys at last. All the characters come up with a stunning act during the pre-interval block that includes the dual roles of Rajnikanth and Danny Denzongpa. During second half, we get to watch the same enthuses of Rajnikanth that was present in his yesteryear blockbuster ‘Moondru Mugam’. Aishwarya Rai looks little aged and yet keeps your wooed down. Her dance steps are pretty appreciable. Danny Denzongpa doesn’t get much prominence. Santhanam has very less importance and he stands nowhere near to his previous film ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’. But the brand ‘Enthiran’ would win him more offers now.

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction :

Shankar makes sure audiences never get their attention turned out at any point of time. Right from the film’s title to the climax, you will keep enjoying every frame. The first half is brimmed with more humor and romance while the second half is dominated by action and thriller. Director Shankar’s 10 years of hard works has yielded him the best results. Every frame has technical excellence. The dialogues and screenplay is indeed yet another embellishment to the script. The prologue on Robot’s invention is best and the background song of ‘Puthiya Manitha’ is awesome. The Robot performing various dance sequences like Kuchipudi, Bharathanatiyam and other classical dances is best. Wow! Our goodness, if we keep listing each and every positive point, this review will turn into a 15-page comprehensive. So are the best traits that are blatant throughout the film.

Technical views:

Wordless! Stupendous! Marvelous – If you find anything more perfect and exclamatory to praise this film, go ahead. The stunning visuals shot by Rathinavelu are something that makes you speechless. The songs picturing is excellent and he has got a good sense of dealing with color themes. Apart from Shankar’s involvement, he seems to have ardently exerted his efforts. Rahman’s musical score doesn’t need criticism. Trust us! The background score is 15 times brilliant than his academy-award winning film ‘Enthiran’. The songs are perfect, but few are purposely inserted and ‘Kilimanjaro’ makes it for the best illustration. ‘Chitti Dance Showcase’ is overmastering. Anthony’s editing is sleek and better than his previous ones. Sabu Cyril’s art work needs a standing ovation and his cameo role is okay.

Final Take:

Apart from few illogical aspects like Robot reassembling itself and failing to sense though it has some artificial power, it makes you enjoy the show throughout. A trimmed narration would have done better and as of now it’s a big fiesta for not alone Rajnikanth fans, but for the film lovers across the globe.

Verdict: Fantastic effort by Shankar and team

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