Review – Ellam Avan Seyal

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Star-casts: R.K., Bama, Ashish Vidyarthi, Nasser, Manivannan, Raghuvaran, Visu, Manoj K Vijayan and many others.
Banner: R.K. Arts
Production: R.K.
Story and Direction: Shaji Kailash
Dialogues: Prabakar
Music: Vidhyasagar
Cinematography: Raja Rathinam
Editor: Don Max

Versatile filmmaker Shaji Kailash earlier made his directorial debut with ‘Jana’ starring Ajith Kumar in lead role. Alas! It was a disappointing show as he merely stepped down from his prestigious status and does he stride with a great comeback here? Of course, remaking his own directorial ‘Chintamani Kola Case’ without any superstar could have been an impaling speculation. Yup! Imagine a performer standing on the shoes of Malayalam superstar Suresh Gopi and a debutant on the role of Bhavana.

Actor RK is just awesome surprising us with his never-seen-before potentials revealed. Unlike many others who just drops themselves on the screen with a superhero kind of characters, RK strides with quite with an impressive piece of work. Shaji Kailash makes us yearn for more such unique of films in Kollywood.

The film doesn’t differ from its original version other than portions of parallel comedy tracks rendered by Vadivelu.

LK (RK), a savior of the criminals in public turns to be the one culminating their lives too. His character is well established with couple of missions on bumping off baddies who happens to be his own clients. Later, we have a stranger (Thalaivasal Vijay) visiting him and explaining his problem that is none other than biggest nightmarish murder of an innocent girl Chintamani (Bama) who was ragged and brutally murdered by 9 senior girls. The stranger who appeared to LK is none other than one of girl’s parent and he agrees to rescue them from the criminal box as they are already pinned for life sentence.

You know, where’s the lawyer up to? Rest of the story goes on with a vivid encounters and bench hearings in court where hidden truth of dark past are revealed. Well, it’s really shocking to get ahead with surprising climax that none would have imagined about.

Director Shaji Kailash could’ve have bit avoided protagonist being depicted with larger than life vistas. Hero jumping across the ceilings and floors is something ridiculous and that spoils the feel of watching it. However, hats off to RK astonishing us with good presentation and he can look forward for great days in town. But why he keeps roaming with his black gown even outside the court while murdering his clients is again out of question. Fine! It’s a realistic to see a leading criminal lawyer just travelling in an ordinary ambassador car. Though Bama appears to be central subject, she doesn’t get more scope while Manivannan as her father sways more on emotional quotients. Late actor Raghuvaran appears in couple of songs and he is mind blowing with his dialogue deliveries and gestures. Sukanya as RK’s sister does a decent job and ditto to Visu as his uncle. Vadivelu keeps refreshing us with his parallel comedy tracks that happen to be like a commercial break of thriller screenplay. Though there is no connectivity, audiences would love watching his quotients. Don’t miss his opening arguments as he says ‘Kadupu Aethura My Honor’ wins grand round of applause.

Background score by Vidhyasagar is spellbinding and he is there with a convincing work after series of flop shows. However, there’s just one song of 9 alluring missies shaking their legs… Call it a ‘Item Song’ and that’s not an impressive one from Vidhyasagar.

Raja Rathinam’s cinematography requires special mention as he has precisely included as many details in the frame. Don Max gives us a feel of Antony’s early works, quite amateurish with lots of immediate cuts that offer nothing other than disturbance.

On the terms of narration, Shaji Kailash and screenplay writer Prabhakaran deserve good credits. But they could’ve sooner got in the case of what the film is about, The initial stages is quite dragging and couple of murders committed by RK should have been cut shot. Or else, there is nothing such blatant flaws in the film.

On the whole, Ellam Avan Seyal is better than the original version in many aspects and great work by entire team is evident here. The film would make good openings amongst audiences with no biggies ruling the box office at the moment.

Bottom – Line: Better than the original

Verdict: Worth-watching…

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