Review – Eeram

Star-casts: Mirugam fame Aadhi, Nanda, Sindhu Menon, Saranya Mohan, Sreenath and others.
Banner: S Pictures
Production: Director Shankar
Direction: Arivazhagan
Music: Thaman S

Possibly, the teaser of ‘Eeram’ had gradually invigorated our spirits making us yearn to watch this film. So how about the results? Interestingly, the film has right quotients to work out in terms of innovative approach, but rigidly lacks solidity in narrative quotients.

Followed by ‘Yaavarum Nalam’, Arivazhagan seems to have been inspired a lot from this flick and made a similar movie. The only difference you see is: Ghost used TV as their medium while over here it’s about ‘Water’. But please, don’t presume this to be a remake of Hollywood film ‘Dark Water’ after a smart Google search.

The film has a good narration blended perfectly with emotions, romance, thriller and touching dialogues. But Arivazhagan disappoints us heavily by copycatting the horror-bounded sequences from various Hollywood and Japanese horrors.

Just spare few seconds on reading the synopsis and later go through the analysis.

The film opens with Vasu (Aadhi), a cop setting out to investigate the death of a housewife Ramya (Sindhu Menon), who’s found chocked in bathtub. It’s much revealing with her notice that she has committed suicide. As Vasu tries to enquire her neighbors and husband Prabhu (Nanda) – an automobile engineer who was in Mumbai during this incident, he is exposed to a truth that she had an affair with a stranger who used to visit her regularly.

Later, we are revealed to a secret that Vasu and Ramya were in love with each other during college days and couldn’t marry due to her father’s disapproval.

Although, after general investigations imply that it’s a suicide, Vasu makes it a point to handle the case in special means. But, things start to roll down in puzzled scenarios as the neighbors, a stranger and the apartment’s watchman are killed mysteriously.

Well for Vasu and his colleague on the case, things sound much peculiar about ‘Mr. X’ responsible for the murders. But they’re aware about one thing – about the weapon used on victims – it’s none other than H20 – WATER.

The storyline seems to be interesting. But again, various scenes of how about the victims get killed are lifted from Hollywood film Final Destination, Mirrors and Ring. on the pars, there are some illogical aspects. In the sequence where Kalyani’s murder takes place, we see that it has rained heavily. But on the very next scene, we see that a lady is watering the plants?!

On the performance, Aadhi does a brilliant job and he can look forward for a shining future in Kollywood. He has the potential of performing every gesture with perfection. When it comes to Nanda, we’ve got to appreciate his effort of picking an unusual role and don’t ask about his character? You’ve got to find this out in second half. Sindhu Menon scores 10/10 and she’s just awesome on her parts while Saranya Mohan proves of her ability to perform well on a strong character. Sreenath has been assigned with a good role and he evokes laughter in the penultimate sequences.

Musical score by Thaman are fine, but he could’ve tried tuning different melodies. All the songs sound much similar to each other. But he does a good job in background score. Hats off to cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa for his stunning cinematography… he places the camera that none of the versatile cameraman would’ve imagined. The film’s tone in blue goes much by the theme of dark and gloomy. But graphics seems to be much overloaded in certain shots, particularly with always seen dark clouds.

On narration, the first 25mins moves on slowly and later picks up the pace and to the post-intermission the long flashback murder drama, it drags us down. But again the speed picks on with the penultimate sequences and a fine ending.

Marking our verdict, Arivazhagan could’ve tried establishing creative elements rather than picking scenes from other movies. But ‘Eeram’ has probabilities to survive at box office till the next week.

Thanks to Arivazhagan for conveying a strong social message about the contemporary situation.

Bottom – Line: stylish visuals but an average narration

Verdict: Good story, nice thrills and justifying message.

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