Review – Durai

Star-casts: Arjun, Keerath, Vivek, K. Viswanathan and many others
Banner: Sri Rajalakshmi Pictures
Production: P.L. Thenappan
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: A. Venkatesh
Music: D. Imman

Forget you reasoning abilities in finding out flaws and if you are ignorant of ridiculous aspects. If you follow this strictly, you would entitle Durai as the best entertainer for the masses. P.L. Thenappan who incurred unbearable loss with Simbhu’s Vallavan has brilliantly joined hands with the leading Kings of Commercial films in Kollywood, to make up more profit.

In the context, the film goes perpetual with an innocent being hurt by the baddies for his extreme goodness. Remaining more silent to certain extent, it’s a great hurricane churned out by our hero when he dashes down the entire baddie with his fists of anger stampeding them to the ground of death . Amidst of this crucial situation, he would shake his legs with a hot looking girl for Kuthu songs and to create sympathy, a sentiment based emotional song would be added, lots of humor by leading comedian and that’s it. You’re there the most leading producer with handful of profit… So, much before commencing the review for Durai, we have given the best tips for our viewers, so that they may know the mantra of being a successful producer.

Fine! Let’s get on with the synopsis of Durai and then take on with analysis…

Your prognostications are right from the moment film starts and there is nothing big that director tries to pull with his suspenseful quotients. Sorry, we earlier said nothing to discuss about the traits presented by Director Venkatesh. Well, this sort of flicks where protagonist undergoes blackout due to the attack of villains is something we have seen zillion of times across Hollywood, Bollywood and Kollywood films.

Durai (Arjun), a good farmer by profession and a socially responsible person who keeps servicing for the well being of his ordinary peoples. He is mentored by a honest minister (K. Viswanath) and both of them share good rapport when it comes to social services. But there shoots up a rigid spell of evil when the minister is brutally stabbed to death and Durai is held responsible for murder. On the pars, he is attacked by the same persons and gets over amnesia.

At the moment, he can’t remember and he is Raja an assistant to cook to Ambi (Vivek) who owns a hotel and takes catering orders for marriage. There enters a smart girl (Kirat) who falls in love with him, but hold for the suspense that she knows real identity of Durai. Meanwhile, the same groups chases him and he is not able to sense what is happening around him for there he is undergoing amnesia. Finally, it’s a clichéd end where hero remembers everything and takes the entire group of baddies under his task…

Arjun with his usual stuffs of timing sense in comedy elements, action sequences, dance and other commercial aspects, strides with it. Kirath can better stop acting for she doesn’t carry better looks or fit the bill of a perfect actress. Vincent Ashokan, who fetched good credits with his previous venture of Sila Nerangalil, fails to carry on same tempo. Vivek does some good on his humor role and he has to control his tongue with irritating crude jokes. May be frontbenchers would love it, but not all. New baddie roped into the film does his best. D.Imman and one kind request to him, “please don’t remix good tune and make it taste so sour for the ears”…

Bottom – Line: Commercial stroke by entire team…

Verdict: Purely for frontbenchers..

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