Review – Dindukal Saarathi

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Star-casts: Karunaas, Karthika, M.S. Bhaskar, Saranya, Flora, Sanmuga Rajan, Mayil Samy, Periyar Dasan and many others.
Production: J. Mohan Kumar, S. Bhaskar
Screenplay and Direction: Siva Sanmughan
Dialogues: Ramnath
Cinematography: S. Taj
Music: Dheena
Editing: V.T. Vijayan

Scriptwriter-Director Srinivasan from God’s own country seems to be having a great time here in Kollywood. Many of his scripts are being adapted into Tami film industry. But makes us feel so sorry is that they aren’t remade best as in Malayalam. Well, it’s because off varying tastes of audiences of Mollywood and Kollywood. Adding unwanted commercial stuffs to the beautiful theme really spoils the best spell. It’s more illustrious with ‘Katha Parayumpol’ into ‘Kuselan’.

The film is about Saarathi (Karunaas), a man haunted by inferiority complex is in fact a mad of his own sort. Even for a photograph to be clicked at him, he wants to apply powder to look brighter. This is something that’s happening mainly in Country like India where people are ruled by the skin complex issues. Saarathl’s mother Saranya arranges for his marriage, but each and every girl keeps refusing his proposal as he is dark in colour. But things aren’t the same as he meets Vasanthi (Karthika). Getting to watch her beautiful looks, Saarathi himself decides to get out of the house with a strong belief that she wouldn’t accept to marry him. But, it’s quite surprising that Vasanthi likes him so much and agrees for the marriage.

Things are fine and good until the marriage is done and Saarathi takes his wife to his hometown. Everyone in the town look at him wondering how come such a beautiful girl married him. Heeding to their useless talks, Saarathi starts doubting whether his wife really loves and that eventually turns into suspiciousness… he starts spying on her around the house and finally loses out all his close relations and falls onto pathetic grounds. Does he make up for his faults and revive his relations or not forms crux of the story.

Right from the first scene where Karunas gets picked on by elephant he actually wanted to feed is more hilarious. Kaunas’ characterization is so perfect and natural of an ordinary man with bag on his hand, TVS Scooter, applying powder on his face very often have been depicted so nicely. Both on hilarious and emotional situations, Karunas brims with uttermost efforts and he deserves special mention. On the pars, don’t miss his reactions as he wife sings appraisals of Ajith Kumar in Billa and while lodging complaint against a person who threatens about kidnapping his wife.

Karthika is spotted on more matured performance than her debut flick ‘Nam Nadu’. Well, she didn’t much role to perform their and over here Director has offered her more space. In particular, watch her gestures and performance while she gets to know that her husband is suspecting her. M.S. Bhaskar, Saranya, Livingstone, Chitti Babu, Mayilsami and others in the star-casts exceed our expectations with decent works.

Dheena’s music and Thaji’s cinematography add to the good quality of the film. Especially, the promo song ‘Remix of Dindukal’ reveals over the top of all technicians. Hats off to JD-Jerry, Blaaze for making it so rich. Ram Nath’s dialogue and Siva Shanmugham’s direction reveals of their comme il faut work.

On the whole, Dindukal Saarathi is a special movie for those who were constantly watching movies of extreme commerciality.

Bottom – Line: An inch above mediocre

Verdict: Can watch it once…