Review – Dhaam Dhoom

Star-casts: Jeyam Ravi, Kangana Ranaut, Lakshmi Rai, Jayaram, Maria, Anna, Anu Haasan, Chethan, Srinath and many others.
Banner: Media One Global Entertainment
Production: Sunanda Murli Manohar, Dr. Murli Manohar
Story, Screenplay and Cinematography: Jeeva
Direction: Jeeva-Manikandan
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Dialogues: Ramakrishnan


First ever flick that reveals of Jeyam Ravi’s stupendous performance sans his brother combo. Indeed, stepping out from romance based genres, Jeeva’s first ever action film top-notches in every aspects. Kangana Ranaut on her first attempt makes it appealing and Lakshmi Rai in new dimension is a great job.

One-Line Story:

A young doctor has to undergo a journey of turmoils in Russia where he is chased not just by cops, but network of mafia. And the reason is unknown for the protagonist…

Synopsis :

The film opens with young charming smart intelligent doctor Gautham Subramaniam (Jeyam Ravi) setting out to Russia for representing India in a Seminar hosted by World Doctors’ Federation. A well-established shot for the five minutes reveals that he has been engaged to his ladylove Shenba (Kangana Ranaut). On his return to India in matter of 2 weeks, both would be entering into nuptials. On his fleet to Russia, he catches glimpse of flashbacks revealing about his ladylove. Arriving in Moscow at Immigration section, Gautham Subramaniam meets a good looking Russian Model Anna (Maria). They smile at each other and suddenly she runs out dropping her jacket. With no options left, Gautham carries it and later returns it to her when both meet in the hotel.

Seminar is successfully completed and what happens then? A sizzling song in the night club where Anna meets Gautham over there shaking her legs with him. Boozed up more, He has again no option other than taking her to his room. Over there, she again orders for a bottle of whisky and she gulps it all. Gautham who is bit boozed up after consuming the same drink goes off to sleep. The very next shot is where you see the Russian cops pulling him up and Gautham sees Anna dead over the sofa.

Scourged bitterly and accused, he is pushed behind the bars where he again catches hold of flashbacks revealing his first meeting with Shenba and their proposals.

Back down in the prison, Gautham finds his relief when Anjali Chinappa (Lakshmi Rai), an attorney is appointed by Indian Government to defend his case. At the other end, a member of Indian consulate in Russia (Jayaram) getting to his aid. But that does it really help him out. On his way, back from the court trial to prison, group of unknown strangers attempt to bump him off with the bullets and Gautham has no choice other than eloping. Cops at one end and strangers setting trap for his life. If you think these are only his enemies at the time-being, you’re wrong. Rest of the each minute is a breathtaking chasing sequence where you will be taken to the roller-coaster ride of suspense and thrills.


Hats off to this legend Jeeva for he is the one and only auteur spelling something unique in each of his flicks. Of course, Dhaam Dhoom fetches the title of trendsetting film though the tale seems to be pointing towards déjà vu. Penning of such a stupendous script of an action-packed thriller and blending it along the top-notched aspects of comedy and heart-melting romance is something out of out of blue.

Star-casts :

As mentioned, this is gonna be the milestone in Jeyam Ravi’s career. Playing young boy kind of roles in all his previous films is something very much liked by youth group? But, revealing his uttermost efficiency in action packed scenes as well in romance is awesome. Sooner, if he continues on the same wavelength, Ravi is sure to be entitled as ‘Abhishek Bacchan of South India’. Kangna Ranaut from Bollywood with her slim looks is sure to be the heartthrob of young hearts. Her distinguished performance as a mischief girl and later inheriting the qualities of womanhood is trenchant. Lakshmi Rai on a de-glamorized role is sure to win the laurels and of course many offers. Her performance while playing pranks with Jeyam Ravi during the serious situations does it all perfect. Her affection for him and suppressing her emotions of love when he reveals about his marriage on his return to India is really an appreciate piece of work. Jayaram does decent job right throughout his scenes and his characterizations are precisely worked out. Anu Haasan, Chethan, Mahadevan, Bose Venkat, Srinath and others have done justice to roles, though they are of minor characterizations.

Technical attributes:

Stunningly captured shots of beautiful scenarios be it the Western Ghats regions or Moscow, Jeeva has used spelled his excellent quality of work. Thanks to P.C.Sriram for bringing in the same style in songs. Manikandan, associate director of Jeeva too has strived bringing in the best same tastes of Jeeva in certain scenes. Harris Jayaraj’s spellbinding background score adds tempo to the fast moving screenplay throughout the film. Especially, the musical score for the chasing scenes keeps your eyes gripped on the screens. All the songs are marvelous and Harris has paid his tribute to Jeeva with his great work. Stunt works are mind blowing and don’t miss the stunningly choreographed action packed chasing scene right before interval, they rock on…


Dialogues by Ramakrishnan are crisp and sleek. Remember, this dialogue of ‘Vanakkam Chennai, Gautham Subramaniam Pesuren’ uttered by Jeyam Ravi wins applauses and whistles in the theatres. Romantic dialogues are so natural and easy to pierce through the hearts of young lovers.

Bottom – Line:

An excellent film to watch and it’s a hard work by entire team. More than all, success of this film is a great tribute we make for the ace filmmaker Jeeva… You will feel ‘Why this should happen to this man?’ after watching this film….

Verdict: Scintillating work by Jeeva

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