Review – Deepavali

Review – Deepavali

Cast : Jayam Ravi, Bhavana, Lal, Vijaya Kumar, Raghuvaran, and Others
Producer : Thirupathi Brothers
Director : S.Ezhil
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

After super-Dooper hit “Unakum Enakum” Jayam Ravi want to taste something new, and it was sensed by Director Ezhil and they joint together in “Deeppavali”. This film is produced by N.Subhash Chandra Bose ( Thirupathi Brothers ) and Music is scored by Yuvan shankr raja. Jayam Ravi is very keen in selecting family bound subjects which suits him very well, even in his previous movies, family sentiments & family contribution are more, but Deepavali has something to say about love too. In present Kollywood, heroines were restricted in performing to act in lead roles, at the same time Director Ezhil has given a wonderful chance to Bhavana to act in lead role even Bhavana has used this chance to enhance her acting capability.

The story move around two characters one is Billu(Ravi) and another one is Susi(Bhavana). Billu is son of Mudaliar(Vijaykumar) and both stays in Royapuram famous for underground activity, Mudaliar is widely respected by Royapuram community at the same time he looks after the well fare of the people. Billu as Mudaliar’s son has young charm ness with lot of respect. Susi is the daughter of Chidambaram(Lall) who reside in Bangalore and indulging in illegal activities, to forget some odd things and to get cure of diseases Susi come to Chennai and stay with Hanifa (residing next to Billu house), who has previously worked for Chidambaram. Mean time Billu activity and charming attitude attracts Susi and she falls in love with Billu vise versa.

And their love continues without major hurdles, one day Billu and Susi went outing that time she meet’s Minal(Revathy) an old friend of Susi, but Susi cannot recognize Minal which triggered suspicious in Billu’s mind. Susi explains that she met with one accident in that accident I lost my mother, and I escaped with minor injures from that instance I lost all my memories. After this incident Billu takes Susi to Doctor (Raguvaran) and he gives some confidence that he can cure the disease but after her recovery she can’t able to recognize post-accident incidents which includes Billu’s hearty love too. Mean while Billu slowly convince Susi for the treatment under one condition that he would never leave her, come whatever may.

The emotion tempting scene is picture zed superbly; the rest of the movie revolves around Billu and how he will be able to make his promise and Susi’s Father Intervention comes as a climax of the movie.

Director Ezhil’s brilliant works reflects in each and every movement of the film. Apart from hero and heroes other side actors and actress have done a remarkable job which was also another highlight of the movie. The music is scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja is really appreciate able, Kannan Varum Velai, Pogathae and Kadhal Vaithu are finely tuned to suit the screen play. The movie has resemblance of Kamal Hassan’s “Mondram Perai”, but director has tuned the screenplay very well to suit the mass Audience.

There is no Co-incidence between the title of the movie and the story, but the director is keen to show Ravi as a Larger than life hero which does not suits him.

Verdict : Average

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