Review – Bayam Ariyan

Star-casts: Kishore, Udhayathara, Magesh Raja, Devkripa, Ponnabalam, Saranya and others
Production: Jeyamathi Pictures
Direction: Pirtheesh
Music: PC Shivan

Please avoid messages on screens: we need entertainment and spend our money for it. The audiences’ outcry still persists in all theatres as none of the releases in the past 7 months have been convincing. Following so many films that are based on social messages, here is ‘Bayam Ariyan’ that lacks everything except a message. Instead, the producer could have printed a post card ‘A person who lives by knife shall die by Knife’ and mailed to 8Crore population of Tamil Nadu.

Why he had to waste so much money on churning out a film that brings back the same old hat of conceptualizations on the screens.

Debutant Pirtheesh stumbles down on his first attempt as ‘Bayam Ariyan’ fails to hold the audiences engrossed. No matter whatever the plot and theme is, it’s up to the directors to impress the masses with rhetorically creative work. However, Pirtheesh fails to make it big on his opening note.

The film is about a bad cop Mithran (Kishore), who utilizes the useless and violent youngster to indulge in conniving activities only to get his pockets overwhelmed with profit. Vinoth (Magesh Kumar) is his right pick as he heeds for his orders and he’s one such cruel guy, who beats his mother black and blue for money. Saranya enacts his mother’s role and she completely possesses the qualities of yesteryear mother in Tamil cinema. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Nivedha (Udhayathara) and even she falls for him. When things are going finer, his life turns topsy-turvy when his mother passes away. He starts feeling a lot missing her. Meanwhile Mithran and Vinoth tend to lock horns with each other with a shockingly repellent climax.

How come our filmmakers are bound to such ideas and still boast up that they’ve done a pretty well job. The annoying sequences are about double entendres, cheap dialogues with vulgarity, the continuous visits to brothel houses and mother being brutally tortured and her innocuous characterization, a college going girl falling in love with him and even licking their tongues.

Better avoid this film or else you’ll get indulged in criminal activities by breaking down the theatres or even torn the screens. The filmmaker has to keep himself with a good idea and make sure that the female audiences and children are also welcomed to the theatres.

Kishore comes up with the same and usual performance while there’s nothing special to mention about other actors. Saranya as a stereotypical mother is really irritating and Udhayathara is okay.

Technically, the mother song crooned by Yesudas is fine while rest of the numbers isn’t worth listening to…

On the whole, ‘Bayam Ariyan’ is a film to be watched by those who are ‘Bayam Ariyan’.

Bottom – Line: Dud

Verdict: Below Average

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