Review – Ayyavazhi

Actors: Raja, Sanjay, Sugibala, Babylona, Neepa, Laksha, Senthil, Chittibabu, Pandu, S.N.Surendhar, Sirgazhi Shiva Chidambaram and Poet Muthulingam
Producer: Vaigunda Cine Films
Story, screenplay and direction: P.C. Anbazaghan
Music: Bhagavathy Sivanesan
Cinematography: R.Selva
Editing: Anil Mulnot

Fine! Its nice to see the filmmakers are gearing up with offbeat themes, but many times, what happens is the fact that they aren’t crafted properly. If you need one such illustration, obviously it would be Ayyavazhi directed by P.C.Anbazhaghan.

Anbazhagan does a good job in selecting the tale of a pious man who worked for the elevation of lower working classes in the society. The film is about the Kings of Travancore reigning in supremacy creating whole lot of problems for their people. The people dwelling over there in that region are treated like slaves. Well, the Gods of Heaven Shiva and Vishnu glimpse on this pathetic situation and what they do now is taking the form of a lay man Vaikundasamy and descend to Earth.

Vaikundasamy makes his way to Nagercoil and start making waves of enlightenment among the people about the equality. Indeed, he makes them understand that they aren’t slaves and thus making them the same cloth tied to their waist on their head in the form of crown.

The infuriated kings now push Vaikundasamy into the glooms of prison and try to bump him off. However, with his pious and spiritual insight, he is saved from their clutches. Unable to put an end to his life, the kings release him out of prison and then plead him to go out of the town.

Set outside the prison, Vaikundasamy reaches the people asking them to lead a happy life in equality with all the classes and gradually ascends into heaven.

The story is quite interesting, but Azhagappan hasn’t narrated them in a powerful approach. Lack of proper research and no detailed elements makes it unappealing. It is so annoying for the audiences who have to bear the performance as the King. The scenes where dam breaks open and the poor villagers who are killed and used as a buffer instead of sandbags or when Vaikundan is tied to the horse and dragged would have been presented in a better way. Raja does a perfect job in donning the excellent role of Vaikundasamy and hats off to him for taking up an exceptional role. Songs tuned in by Bhagavathi Sivanesan are soothing for the listeners. Tsunami Kind of scene is the only highlight that has been churned out at its best in the entire film…

On the whole, it’s a good try from Azhagappan and it would have been nice if it was shot at an expensive level with producers investing lots of money.

It’s a good and decent work from the entire team.

Bottom – Line: Goes unimpressive and imperfect

Verdict: Below average…

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