Review – Avan Ivan

Star-casts: Arya, Vishal, Janani Iyer, RK, Madhu Shalini, GM Kumar, Ambika and others
Production: AGS Entertainments
Direction: Bala
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Arthur Wilson

It looks like Bala has lost his stuff. Right from the beginning, the filmmaker has been getting through the same pattern of films. He has a shocking climax and lots of brutal murders, which has been an unavoidable factor. Oops! ‘Avan Ivan’ is a clichéd drama that has a flimsy writing and poor narration.

As we mentioned earlier, it has nothing special and moreover it turns out to be a collection of Bala’s previous movies. It is very much evident with the characterizations. Vishal has somehow managed to do something special and he is better than his previous movies.

The film has nothing special about the story and it doesn’t exceed more than a line. It is about two half brothers –Walter (Vishal) and Kumbudren Saamy (Arya). Though they are raised in the lineage of drama groups, they are indulged more into house breaking thefts. They love their Zamindar Highness (G.M. Kumar) as their father and keep roaming around with him. Everything moves so smooth and happy until an unexpected shock hits into their lives.

Vishal’s effort to keep himself as a squint-eyed youngster and voice modulation need special mention while Arya with the hair style of Vikram in Pithamaghan isn’t evoking interests to the senses. The opening sequence where Vishal dances as a woman requires tons of praises. But he is more off artificial touch. G.M. Kumar reminiscences of Raj Kiran in ‘Nandha’… RK’s presence is more unwanted and is purposely added to bring violence and tragedy. Why did he take up such unwanted offers is a billion dollar question. But he proves his acting skills to the extent in the climax.

Yesteryear actress Ambika deserves attention for her performance while the leading ladies – Madhu Shalini and Janani Iyer are wasted.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical score is a mere disappointment as none of the songs catches up our attention except ‘Rasathi’. Cinematography by Arthur Wilson is the only convincing point here.

Bala must stop beating the same bush if he has plans to keep his position retained in Tamil film industry.

Verdict: Disappointing show by Bala

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