Review – ASAL

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Star-casts: Ajith Kumar, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana, Prabhu, Sampath, Yughi Sethu, Rajeev Krishna, Kelly Dorjee and others.
Banner: Sivaji Productions
Production: Prabhu Ganeshan
Direction: Saran
Music: Bharadwaj

Every time Ajith kick-starts his project, there is a whole lot of expectations for his film. In spite of drawing so many flops on the row, Ajith turns to be the only actor to be standing out as a successful actor. But again, the results are same as previous films. ‘ASAL’ surpasses on technical arenas, but it lacks strength completely in narration. The screenplay is so threadbare with more predictable parts. With the publicists boasting about Ajith Kumar’s participation into story, screenplay, dialogues and co-direction, the actor has drew more attention towards projecting him with stylish looks. But, there’s nothing such thing call finesse in his way of storytelling.

The film is yet another repetition of Ajith Kumar enacting the dual role of father-son. But the father’s role is not so captivating and could’ve left for another actor to perform. Just imagine the father’s delineation in ‘Varalaaru’ and how powerful it was. But it is completely contrastive here as he disappears within first 30mins of the film.

The film is about an international arms dealer Jeevanandham (Ajith Kumar), whose are principles are dissimilar with his sons Sam (Sampath) and Vicky (Rajeev Krishna), but is so fond of his second wife’s son Shiva (again played by Ajith Kumar). In literal sense, Sam and Vicky keep demeaning Shiva. When Sam and Vicky are impelled by their uncle (Ghajini fame Pradeep Rawat) to enter into treaty with an offensive group that plies weapons to terrorist groups so as to eliminate Mumbai don Shetty (Kelly Dorjee) from the deal. Meanwhile Jeevanandham passes away due to cardiac arrest and things get worsened when Shetty kidnaps Vicky. But Shiva sets out for a speculative task of rescuing Vicky by bumping off Shetty.

Sooner, we are exposed to a shocking scenario when the stepbrothers shootout Shiva into the seas. But, expectedly Shiva rises back to life and embarks to seek vengeance on his stepbrothers only to witness a shocking truth.

Ajith Kumar overwhelms his fans with extreme elatedness with his stylish gestures and body languages. But he seems to be quite uneasy while performing dance and stunt sequences. It would be better if he can shed his weight or else just avoid shaking legs with his onscreen sweethearts. Some of his heroism factors are mind-boggling, especially the way he smashes down the stunning baddie Kelly Dorjee is awesome. Similarly, the stunt sequence during second hour is again a great highlight. Both Sameera Reddy and Bhavana have done justice to their roles, though they don’t have much to express on their depictions. Sameera Reddy can better avoid showing their thighs as it turns down to be a nightmarish experience for the audiences. Bhavana looks quite and kudos to Nalini Sriram for designing perfect costumes for her. Art direction by Prabakaran is exquisitely fine and cinematography is superb. The very opening aerial shots of Paris will enthrall you to the best. Stunt sequence where Ajith bumps off Kelly’s associate –a negro is a copycat of a sequence from Korean Movie ‘A Bittersweet Life’. Rajeev Krishna as a cynical creature is okay while Sampath looks stylish with justice done to his role. Pradeep Rawat and Prabhu are big disappointments while Yughi Sethu amuses us with his funny tracks. But it is really annoying to witness how come our filmmakers are still amateur in comical depiction of dons like Samosa in a serious script. Suresh as a grey-shaded cop is extraordinary.

It’s right time to quit films for Bharadwaj as he fails to impress the audiences with any song. Even the background score dashes down our expectations. Debutant Prashanth is sure to win more offers for his excellent cinematography.

If Saran had added some more capturing moments in the screenplay, ASAL would have been a great film to watch more times. But as in now with the presented piece of work, the film is sure to be a grand fiesta for Ajith fans and a one-time worth watching film for regular moviegoers.

Bottom – Line: Thala’s One Man Show

Verdict: Special treat for Thala fans…

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