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Review – Ammuvagiya Naan

Review – Ammuvagiya Naan

Cast : R.Parthiban, Bharathi, Mahadevan, Abhishek and others
Producer : Rufus Parker
Director : Padma Magan
Music : Sabesh Murali
Genre: Drama

Amidst of commercial films rocking today in Kollywood, lovers of offbeat films have got something to celebrate here. Ammuvaagiya Naan binds together the emotional aspects of a human life and has something to with feelings of humanity. I don’t want myself to keep dragging about this flick and let me get you to the synopsis of this film.

The film opens with a novelist (Parthiban) standing inside the court bars and his wife Ammu (Bharathi) standing opposite to him. Both of them simultaneously state that they were one who killed someone and try to save one another. The novel titled ‘Ammuvaagiya Naan’ becomes a main source of evidence for the truth behind the murder and it is at this point of time, Judge who is in charge of this case, goes through this novel.

The novel reveals the life of hidden life of Ammu who as a new born baby is sold into a brothel house by her father who is a drunkard. Her life moves on meaningless until she meets a novelist (Parthiban) who gets to see her in this brothel house and falls in love with her. After much persistent encounters, both enter into nuptial and it is after marriage Ammu gets to know the real happiness that were so far not exposed to her. Everything goes on well between these two and at a certain point of time, both of them are pushed to dwindle with a severe problem that will change their course of life.

Director Padmaghan has presented a different piece that is entirely different to his previous film Pallavan. Hats off for his bold attempt and different approach, but it is at few things he has lost to concentrate. The main drawback of this film is lack of proper music both for songs as well the background score and it would have been nice if music had more to play vital role in the enhancement of emotional scenes. But one thing that will astound everyone is the enthralling handling of camera by Prabhu and you will have the same feeling of watching Balu Mahendra’s film with a different tone.

It would be a disgrace on my part if I don’t mention about two main personalities who have strived for the betterment of this film. It is Parthiban and Bharathi who will appear throughout majority part of the film, but it is Bharathi who steals the show. But Parthiban who has accepted to play a good characterization is a notable aspect of contribution to the film’s success. I think none other than Parthiban would have agreed to perform this role, since more importance is given to this character.

As a whole, Ammuvaagiya Naan is a film that has attempted to can a bold theme with different approach and thank god, there are no unwanted commercial elements present here.


Powerful characterizations.
Boldness of producer


Lack of pace in screenplay during second half.
Artificialness in few scenes, especially the scene where judge reads the novel during second scene looks something odd and not natural.

Ammuvagiya Naan is indeed a Different style of expression.

Verdict: Hats off to director for a beautiful film.