Review – Alibaba

Starring: Krishna, Prakash Raj, Janani, Radha Ravi, Biju Menon, Manobala, Thilakan and many others.
Banner: Talking Times Movies Pvt Ltd
Production: Pattiyal Sekar
Direction: Neelam K Sekar
Music: Vidyasagar

Well, much before the release of film, we didn’t have any of the buzzes rounding up about what the film is on. Not even the one-line was revealed and now we are taken to the sudden surprise with a stunning suspense-thriller made on the line. Debutant Krishna shores onto film world with a good script. Unlike many other directors who try introducing their sons with the images of mass appeals, punch dialogues and hitting down 50men at a time, Krishna’s father producer Pattiyal Sekar and his brother Vishnuvardhan have done a perfect job by weaving him with a character that we can easily get on with.

What is so highlighting about the film? It is the combo of three different actors with their own styles. Krishna, Jeeva and Prakash Raj have spelled out their best performance. Hats off to Neelam K Sekar for penning a story with much of difference than other filmmakers who beat the same bush. Probably, Alibaba entitles him as the best debutant director and he joins the list of other two filmmakers of Bollywood whose film have been released along. A Wednesday directed by Neeraj and Hijack by Shivadsani. All these three films are of the same genre of suspense-thriller and what makes them common is that all are debutants.

Fine! What’s so special about the story of Alibaba?

The film opens with the city experiencing horrific crimes at different parts and young women are harassed and put to death. Meanwhile, there are small time crooks Krishna, Prakash Raj and Jeeva who are involved time criminal activities. Something special about them is that they are not interested in getting in higher level of crime, since they are happy with what they are. And for their fortune, they find that a huge amount has been deposited in their bank account. They feel it as luck thinking that someone has mistakenly deposited it. But then starts the problem as the amount in their account keeps increasing. Prakash Raj being the gang leader decides to put an end to this since he discovers that they are into the web of traps where someone is using them….

Remaining portion of the film has been very well narrated with extraordinary thrills. The best part of the director is that he keeps us guessing who the culprit is till the last moment.

Krishna looks more apt with the role as youngster who has to deal with different situations. He does fine work with action stunts. Actress Janani is good with her simple looks, but has nothing to do more with the film. Lollu Sabha fame Jeeva comes up with a matured performance while Prakash Raj steals the show.

On the technical terms, cinematography and editing works well for the enhanced visual quality. But, it’s completely a great disappointment from Vidhyasagar and in the recent times, he has completely come down in his career graph. It seems to be a wonder, why Neelam K Sekar didn’t rope in Yuvan Shankar Raja to score music.

On the whole, Alibaba is an excellent film that has right elements of suspense-thriller. Looks like many Alfred Hitchcock are blooming up in Kollywood…

Bottom – Line: Sure a Trump Card

Verdict: Good

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