Review – Alaipidazh

Cast: Ratheesh, Sona, P.K. Rajmohan, Ezhil, M.S. Bhaskar, Balu, Arun, Lakshmanan and Others
Banner: Sri Venkatachalapathy films
Producer: Sri Venkatachalapathy films
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: P.K.Rajmohan
Music: Satesh

The film carries the theme that we have already seen it in many of the previous films. Its about a boy f alling in love iwht a girl and he wants to marry her. However, he misses the best chances of marrying her due to the fate playing its kind of turn. Do they join hands finally forms crux of the story.

Shiva (Rateesh) is a software engineer residing in Chennai and for a special occasion of his cousin’s wedding and happens to see a pretty good looking girl Sandhya (Sona). Much impressed with her appealing looks, he decides to marry her and seeks his parents’ permission too.

Immediately in gleeful moods, his parents approach the girl’s parents to fix the marriage and Shiva is urged into the perplexed situation since the girl is not the same one he saw and fell in love. Sooner, he cancels the proposal and sets back to Chennai. But he isn’t able to forget Sandhya and after few days, his father calls him back to village for to get it done with another alliance who is none other than Sandhya. But here appears, the fate taking its turn in not making them meet….

Does Shiva and Sandhya finally join their hands or not forms the remaining part of the film.

Director-Actor Raj Mohan comes up with a decent effort, but at many points fails to deliver the appealing sequences. Since, its been over off hide and seek between hero and heroine, audiences may lose their interest. Well, for his debut directorial, Raj Mohan can be appreciated for his good efforts and the same credits goes to the film technicians and actors.

An entertainer just to kill your time…. This would be your comments soon after watching Azhaipidazh.

Bottom – Line: Invites you for the same

Verdict: Unfinished Product

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