Review – Aindham Padai

Star-casts: Sundar C, Simran, Devayani, Akshaya, Nasser, Mukesh, Thodanna, Vivek, Sampath and others.
Production: Avni Cinemax
Direction: Badri
Music: D. Imman

Sundar C seems to be more middling with his kind of themes. Much alike his previous film, ‘Aindham Padai’ encompasses with commercial panoramas of action, comedy, romance and sentiments. Well, ‘Aindham Padai’ is patently a family entertainer that has lots of characterizations involved with loose ends. Director Badri doesn’t go by the motifs of ‘Logical aspects’.

The film is about five brothers: Gunasekaran (Nasser), Karunakaran (Thodanna), Prabhakaran (Sundar C), Dinakaran (Mukesh) and Thanthoni (Vivek). An occasion gradually draws tiff between these brothers and a family where Devasena (Simran) is a pampered girl. But Gunasekaran settles the disputes amicably by fixing marriage for his brother Karunakaran with Devasena. But the girl mistakes Prabhakaran to be her bride and when things are revealed, she strongly urges him to marry her… But when her requests are unanswered, Devasena vows to avenge Prabhakaran by alienating him from brothers.

Rest of the film brings you the combat between the arrogant lady and brothers’ most loved-Prabhakaran and how he sorts out the issues.

Sundar c strongly glues to his patterned-style of enunciating loud-dialogues, stunts and romancing the young girls (half his age down). Do these yesteryear actresses need intro-songs for them? Oops! You’ll bang your heads witnessing such nettlesome factors. Akshaya with average looks doesn’t gratify on terms of performance. How come 5 brothers speak with different dialects: one goes around speaking Tamil with Tirunalveli slang while the other one with Chennai-based slang. Eventually, if you’ve patience to get through absurdities there are possibilities of enjoying this flick. Vivek’s comedy track offers you solace on few occasions. Sundar C hopping for a tiff with female antagonist reminds us off ‘Sandai’.

Forget about the technical parts. Songs are again drenching you in annoyance while cinematography and editing are below average.

Badri, who had earlier spoiled the National Award winning flick ‘Spathikam’ into a lifeless ‘Veeraappu’ strikes with yet another regretful film that may find best room across C centres.

Bottom – Line: Unappealingly done

Verdict: Mass Masala

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