Review – Aarumugam

Star-casts: Bharath, Priyamani, Saranya Mohan, Ramya Krishnan, Ilavarasu, Karunas, Satyan and others…
Production: Kool Productions
Direction: Suresh Krishna
Music: Deva

This is an excerpt from and audience, who interacts with Bharath after watching ‘Aarumugam’

Audience: டே! உனக்கு வேக்கமாவே இல்லையா? Bharath: எதுக்கு அண்ணா?
Audience: இவ்வளவு கேவலமான் படம் பன்றியே
Bharath: எப்போ அண்ணா?
Audience: நேபாளி, சேவல், முனியாண்டி…. எல்லாமே மொக்க படம் …
Bharath: அன்ன இது போன வருஷம்… இது இந்த வருஷம்…

If ‘Jeyam’ Raja and Ravi are remaking Telugu films, here’s a peculiar filmmaker who is just remaking his own film. (Puppy Shame)

Don’t mistake us! the film is so pathetic and even a fourth graded audience wouldn’t watch it even producers host a competition as Ram Gopal Varma does it for all his films.


Maybe, if Kool Productions is ready to offer Rs.5Crores, they will surely be on safer side as none of the audience would hardly sit and watch it more than 20mins.

Please don’t expect us to give synopsis for ‘Aarumugam’. Just recollect the storyline of Superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘Annamalai’ and relate the characters as we mention:

Rajnikanth – Bharath (Ha Ha Hah… What a pity? What a pity?)
Kushboo – Priyamani (Excuse us Kushboo fans)
Radha Ravi – Ramya Krishnan (Old uncle, Old aunty)
Sarath Babu – Satyan
Vaishnavi – Saranya Mohan (Both are lovable girls)

If Radha Ravi bashes down Rajnikanth’s house for building hotel, Ramya Krishnan destroys Bharath mother’s graveyard (Seetha) since she doesn’t like her nephew Satyan having friendship with Bharath.

What a comedy?

Then comes our hero – Chinna Thalapathy saying – Indha Naal, Indha Nimisham…

Oh my god! We are falling sick as we write this review. Just imagine about watching it.

Our kind advice is that – Please don’t watch ‘Aarumugam’. It is the scariest movie ever made in Tamil Cinema.

Suresh Krishna can better stay away from making such stupid remakes of his own films.

Bottom – Line: Shame Shame Puppy Shame

Verdict: Pathetic

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