Review – Aadukalam

Banner: Sun Pictures
Production: Kalanidhi Maaran
Direction: Vetrimaaran
Star-casts: Dhanush, Taapsee, Kishore and others
Music: G.V. Prakash
Cinematography: R. Selvaraj
Editing: Kishore
Art: Jacky
Dialogues: Vikram, Vetrimaaran
Stunts: Rambo Rajkumar, Rajashekar
Choreography: Dinesh

Get and watch Vetrimaaran’s newfangled project of ‘Madurai’. The films set in backdrops of this region had blatantly focused on violence and bloodsheds. But this time, we tend to notice something different and uniquely as Vetrimaaran depict the lives of ‘Cockfighters’. Having crafted such a unique theme, the filmmaker has done a remarkable job with his screenplay. It’s really hard to pen such a riveting narration.

For the first time, Sun Pictures acquires a project that has a substantial value for script unlike its previous movies (except ‘Enthiran’) that were commercial potboilers. ‘Aadukalam’ is an exceptional movie based on ‘Drama’ genre. Vetrimaaran is inspired from ‘Cockfighter’ (1974 Hollywood movie) and Amores Perros along with list of other World movies that are listed during the final credits of the movie.

Set in backdrops of Madurai, the film is about Karuppu (Dhanush), a youngster aggressively involved in the rooster fights under the team of Pettaikaaran (Jaya Balan). Though Pettaikaaran has his concern for Dhorai (Kishore), Karuppu doesn’t have any regrets and he keeps constantly showering his dedication for Pettaikaaran. Pettaikaaran and police officer Rathnaswamy (Narain) have a strong dislike for each other Rathnaswamy has never won any game of ‘Rooster Fight’ against them. Finally, they decide to have a speculative tournament in which the loser has to promise of never playing the game again all throughout their life. On the course of tournament, Karuppu disapproves of Pettaikaaran and goes contesting with winning cards. Gradually this develops hostility on Pettaikaaran as he now hatches plans to bring down Karuppu that leads to unexpected twists in tale.

Actor Dhanush has leaped into the next level of performances as he tries delivering a powerful performance through his mannerisms. He has done every sequence so naturalistically and makes an impressive show. Right from the opening sequence, he is subtly over the top. Watch out for his spellbinding acting skill during the climax portion. It’s a pragmatic approach as Vetrimaaran neatly avoids ‘tragedy’ and yet gives an emotional outbreak through the characterizations. Debutant Taapsee hasn’t got much scope here, but lives up to the expectations as an Anglo-Indian girl. This very factor has helped her out in delivering the dialogues with the realistic style. Why did Vetrimaaran opt Kishore to be in a different style of makeover and dubbing by Samuthirakkani is puzzling. Jaya Balan gets on with an exceedingly surpassing performance.

G.V. Prakash is the show stopper as the young musician has performed a very great significant role in enhancing the visuals with his background score. The songs are so splendid with couple of numbers ‘Yaathe’ and ‘Oththa Sollala’ remaining as the best ones. Cinematography by R. Selvaraj is as appealing as the dark shade revealing Madurai in a different angle offers a new experience.

On the whole, ‘Aadukalam’ defines new line of cinema in Tamil film industry. It’s a special movie that will remain as the top lists of Vetrimaaran even if he churns out hundred movies after 25 years.

Verdict: Hats off to entire team

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