Review – Aadu Puli Aattam

Review – Aadu Puli Aattam

Cast : Mani Prakash, Vennila, Rekha Sri and Sudakar Vasanth
Music Director : D Imman
Director : Sanjay Ram
Produced by : Mayas

A couple of movie this year was released based on gangster story in this way Aadu Puli Aattam also one among them. Director Sanjay Ram seems very confident about the story, Ramgopal Verma veteran in directing gangster movie and released many Hindi movie based on Gangster role, like Verma Director Ram tried his best to show something different from ordinary Criminal storys and the result is Aadu Puli Aattam. After tamil cinema gradually accepting the new faces as Hero and Heroine now every director try to minimize the budget with introducing new face. Debutant Maniprakash and the new heroine Vennila doing a lead role in this film.

The entire story revolves around Thirunelveli. Mandihran (Maniprakash) an orphan, by force he joined in gang headed by Sadayan( Damodara Raju). Mandihran carry out looting and killing the innocent people in order to satisfy his head for that he get salary from Sadayan. Meanwhile Special team police under the head of Vellaithurai (Sudhakar Vasanth) was commissioned to enquire about the uncheck killing and looting.

Gayathri(Vennial) enter into the fame as Brahmin girl. After a few encounter both Mandihran and Gayathri fall in love. Mandhiran earn the goodwill of Gayathri family by solving the property dispute favored to Gayathri family. The rest of the movie whirls around the Mandhiran and Police team and story end with great suspense whether Mandihran able to marries Gayathri or not.

The body gesture of the hero reminds Nanda (Surya) and the story was little bit influence of Thalapthi apart from that director tried to bring out best from the actors. Director excellently narrated screenplay in order to match film and extensive study by Sanjay Ram about Underworld happenings in southern district reflects his commitment towards film industries. Praveen Mani scored music and background score adds to the momentum. Cinematographer T Leo viewed Tirunelveli well.

Director tried his best to give different view on Gangster story.

Verdict: Average

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