Review – Aadhavan

Star-casts: Surya, Nayanthara, Murali, Rahul Dev, Saroja Devi, Vadivelu, Shiyaji Shinde and others.
Banner: Red Giant Movies
Production: Udayanidhi Stalin
Direction: K.S. Ravikumar
Music: Harris Jayaraj

Can you label ‘Aadhavan’ as ‘Red Signal’ in Surya’s career? Not definitely, but towards some extent. The actor kept us intact with his exceptional endeavors all throughout his career by working with great directors. But this time, he fails to deliver a right film from his favorite filmmaker K.S. Ravikumar.

A very old story, which we would’ve seen more than 100 times over the screens – A contract killer assigned to bump off a magistrate yet to reveal the list of baddies involved in conniving acts of illegally transplanting the organs of poor and underprivileged children. But does he actually carry on the task or turn against the baddies? For sure, you’ll have the right guesses if you are an ardent buff of Tamil Cinema.

What would our hero do now? Instantaneously, jump into the right conclusion of devastating the plans of baddies and put them into death.

But then, this is not something we expect from Surya. The actor had enthralled us with a big note in ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ and ‘Ayan’. But with an attempt of reaching towards B and C audiences, the actor fails to capture our interests

Let’s start off with the film’s synopsis first and later analyze it in simple terms.

Aadhavan (Surya), a stunning sharpshooter is assigned by Dr. Abdullah (Rahul Dev) to kill a magistrate (Murali) as he would soon reveal the group of fraudulent groups involved in illegal organ racketeers, who’ve killed numerous children from hill side communities. Aadhavan gets into the house of Judge and manages to become cordial with family members. The only person who knows about his cloak and dagger mission is the house cook (Vadivelu).

But at a certain point, mysteries get unraveled about family’s past and unforgotten relationships.

Surya does his job well being a director’s actor. That’s fine and how an actor should be actually. But K.S. Ravikumar has exploited him very badly by offering unapt aspects on him. The opening stunt sequences remind us much off Surya’s previous film ‘Ayan’ as well traveling across the countries to assassinate the victims. Nayanthara doesn’t expose her skin much and tries to make a decent attempt from saving her life in Kollywood. Unfortunately, her aged looks stops the young lads from admiring her. Vadivelu is the one and only consolation to all audiences. For sure, if he wasn’t there, the audiences would run out of theatres merely in the intermission. Murali’s last film goes much memorable while Rahul Dev’s goes unutilized as in his previous films. Why use him in stereotypical roles is a big question. Much evidently, Shayaji Shinde performs the same role and sleepwalks through it.

Harris Jayaraj’s musical score doesn’t entertain us grandly. Spare him for couple of songs ‘Dhamaku’ and ‘Hasili’. Surya puts his earnest efforts on choosing best costumes, but delivers the same dance steps for almost all the songs. He has to work a lot on it for being more perfect.

Cinematography with Digital Intermediate(DI) is quite moderate with songs, but most of the talkie portions are shot with Blue matte graphics which looks odd.

K.S. Ravikumar fails to entertain us as we could hear the audiences howling the front seats – Dae Enna Da Nadakudhu… Vetthu Padam idhu’ & Govinda Govinda Govinda yells the elite group towards the second half of the film.

With more special shows screens all over the globe, the film will get more collections in box office much prior to newspapers would publish the reviews and so with the TV channels.

Botton – Line: Unapt film for Surya

Verdict: Below Average

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