Review – A AA E EE

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Star-casts: Prabhu, Navdeep, Aravind, Monika, Saranya Mohan, V.M.C. Haneefa, Manorama, Ganja Karuppu, Sathyan, Satish, Vasuvikram and many others.
Banner: AVM Productions
Production: AVM Kumaran
Direction: Sabapathy Datchana Moorthy
Music: Vijay Antony
Cinematography: Arul Doss
Choreography: Bobby
Editing: K. Shankar- Thangavel

A year back, an excellent family entertainer ‘Chandamama’ was churned out there in Tollywood that all commercial factors savoring to tastes of audiences. Perhaps, when remaking it in Tamil, Director Sabapathy shores himself on a desolate ambience by exactly replicating the formulas. Of course, sometimes they fit the bill and many times letdown A AA E EE is of that sort where the audiences may not be gratified with it.

Vedhachalam (Prabhu), a good hearted person in the village has a lovely daughter Anitha (Monika), for whom he has all his love extended. Perhaps, her marriage is fixed with Ilango (Aravind) is the same village. Later, Ilango is shocked to hear that Anitha had already dated her boyfriend Aakash (Navdeep) who’s a prankster. Getting to see that Anitha is heartbroken as Aakash cheated her, he takes up the task of uniting both of them. Meanwhile, his good heartedness makes Anitha’s cousin girl Eeswari (Saranya Mohan) falls for Ilango. Now the twist begins, when the pairs plan to elope from their families and get married.

Prabhu eclipses everyone on the frame with his clichéd outstanding performance while Manorama on her part brims with an over the top performance. Haneefa scores the best with his stupendous humor tracks all throughout the film while Ganja Karuppu’s portion could’ve been better omitted. Accept Aravind as a talented dancer, but he can better go through an acting academy so that he can improve a lot. Navdeep has no maturity in performance from his previous films and he has to something different if the actor has intentions about sustaining in tinsel town. Monika and Saranya Mohan are up with mediocre on their parts.

Absurdities are often spotted here and there in the screenplay. When Ganja Karuppu dresses himself like soothsayer and later gets trapped, the scene is left incomplete. Despites placing the film at wonderful backdrops, director fails to place the scenes at good locations especially for song sequences.

Vijay Antony can better stop praising himself in every song. It doesn’t mean that everyone song he tunes is gonna top the charts. Arul Doss’ cinematography is cool and catchy to the eyes while fast-cuts on editing by Shankar- Thangavel lack finesse.

On the whole, A AA E EE is a film that is sure to grab the attention of 16-18yrs old of buddies, bunking their classes for watching flicks. Though it displays whole lot of family backdrops, the film isn’t actually so… The film can make collections till this weekend as it would move away with biggies ready for Pongal…

Bottom – Line: Telugu formula doesn’t fit here

Verdict: Watch it once…

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