Review – 7 Aum Arivu

Banner: Red Giant Movies
Production: Udhayanidhi Stalin
Direction: A.R. Murugadoss
Star-casts: Suriya, Shruthi Haasan, Johnny Tri Nguyen and others
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Ravi K Chandran

7aum Arivu will be called as a modern generation film having included lot of mystery into it. Directed by A.R Murugadoss who is known for some of the box office hits. Starring the Magnum opus “Suriya” has been a right choice to add along with the Fiction. The most expected and imaginative film of year sprinkles a lot of truth here and there. Entertaining with “Harris Jayaraj’s music of not understandable tricks of composing.

As its said no fiction can be discovered with a tint of delightful imagination. This film makes us travel to the Era of our oldest generation who were taught to be great people and its brought back to the present generation to leave a message to the young.7aum Arivu has a screenplay which is not up to the mark and dragging at few parts of the film.

The story starts in 6th century; there was a time when Tamil Nadu was ruled by the Pallava kings .Bodhidharman (Suriya) is the person on whom the movie is picturised on. He was a prince of martial arts, medicine and Nokkuvarmam (hypnotism) been sent to china with a purpose of saving the people there. There he impacts his skills to the Chinese, who learn the arts with all their interests and passion and all that they gift him is death. Worshipping him was all that’s left.

Now comes the entertaining part of the film having Don Lee (Johny tri Nguyen) who has learnt the same martial arts form of Bodhivarman has been sent to India to apparently kill Suba Srinivasan (Shruthi Haasan) who has been doing a genetic research on Aravind(A circus player)and founds the DNA matching with that of Boddhidharman aka Damo. The killing is planned because the re discovery of arts would be a problem for the china people from which the Operation RED begins.

When it comes to the cast Suriya would bring out the real meaning of the word Magnum opus with his impressive performance as Bodhidharman. Suits him apt compared to the Aravind’s character as a circus artiste there are few tremendous unexpected stunts done by him though. Hardwork pays.

Shruthi Haasan has done justification to the role with adding elegance being a heroine. She would be called as the captain of the ship for the story to be revealed easily. And yeah lets not get into the dubbing part because we all know that it was little ahem no comments as far as it suits the role we should be ok with it.

Its now time to get evil with Dong Lee (introducing Johny Tri Nguyen) not much dialogues but the talking part is all done through his eyes. Powerful in a tremendous way. Good performance I would say.

Harris Jayaraj has put Good as in GOOD music for only one song (Yamma Yamma).Background scores were quite fascinating. Lot of time taken to reveal back the talent of mixing his own music .Cinematography has always been a plus and an add on package for the director. Ravi k Chandran has used his camera well it can also be called as a appetizer. Anthony fortunately or unfortunately couldn’t play much with his scissors but as usual stunning and simple cutting done for this film.

Enough of all the goodness of the film. All the film has its own flipsides-7aum Arivu-the first one is the dragging screenplay in the 2nd half of the film where there is a fight happening in the main road with all vehicles colliding and second is the songs. A genetic based film shouldn’t have so many songs we understand its Tamil film but still. Unnecessary prolonging of footage.

A.R Murugadoss-the audience had a lot of expectations for 7aum Arivu after the super hit Ghajini but still we would call it as a bold attempt on a genetic film. Research has been quite decent hitting only on Boddhidharman and not the whole world of genetics. Has played it safe with Suriya. Applauds for superb dialogues. A good message given for Tamilians.

At the end 7aum Arivu not touching the massive audience’s Gaga compared to Ghajini.

Verdict: Suriya’s good work, but not an impressive work by A.R. Murugadoss

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