Review – 1977

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Star-casts: Sarath Kumar, Farzana, Namitha, Jayasudha, Vivek, Rohit, Radha Ravi, Rajkotti and many others.
Banner: R.S.K. Pictures
Production: R. Sarath Kumar
Direction: G.N. Dinesh
Music: Vidhyasagar

Better Sarath Kumar can take up a resolution of not acting in anymore films and better focus on politics. In fact, when the fantastic actor Cheeranjivi came up with the same resolution, Sarath has to be forced to take so. How long would an audience keep watching his stunts and no more better performance? Also he doesn’t have knack of picking right scripts. We loved watching him in films like ‘Suryavamsam’ and ‘Pacchaikili Muthucharam’. But why all the time does he play larger than life role conveying his political idealism through the films.

Sorry to say, 1977 is one such worst film on the long-listed flops. The film fizzles on all quotients with a clichéd script of son seeking vengeance for his father’s death, flimsy screenplay bounded with loads of action and obscene glamour. Everyone cannot be Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan and even it’s so illustrious with Daniel Craig who isn’t appreciated by many across the globe.

The film opens with Rajashekar (Sarath Kumar) being a worshipped as their God across the hamlet. His good-heartedness won the hearts of many souls and indeed they’re his best friends. His son Vetri Vel (Again played by Sarath Kumar) is a scientist who receives warm welcome when he returns to the village after winning award from Central Government. Well, then the father Rajashekar dies on due to cardiac arrest. Doubting about something is extremely wrong, his son Vetrivel sets out to Malaysia on unraveling the mystery. Like Bond has two sizzling girls on his missions, here are two bulk-sized heroines Inba (Farzana), a local reporter and Lawyer Chandhini (Namitha) are there by his side.

Sarath Kumar is good at stunts and nothing else can you expect from him. When he dons the cop role, he’s top-notching, Namitha and Farzana are spotted with something lesser than bikinis. You know what we mean? Jayasudha, Radha Ravi and Vijayakumar have done their most adept. Vivek’s laughter doesn’t help for the humor part. Only action parts are quite commendable and nothing else is appreciative. Boopathy’s cinematography is snazzy while a pathetic musical score by Vidhyasagar isn’t appealing.

On the whole, it’s a film that isn’t worth watching even once. It really puzzles us why Sarath Kumar spent whole lot of Crores in making such film. Dinesh Kumar is so amateurish on his direction skills and he can better take off for a while and come back with good work.

Bottom – Line: Should’ve been at that period

Verdict: 1977 – A Wrong History rewritten badly

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