Puli Movie Review


Cast : Vijay , Shrutihassan , Hansika Motwani

Director : Chimbhudevan

Producer : SKT Studios

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

After lots of hype, ups and downs, the most expected fantasy movie has been released today. The movie has got a delayed release in Tamil Nadu, however the movie got released in USA earlier. Thanks to ATMUS for being spot-on. So how far the movie has been ? Has it lived up to the hyped ? Is it a kid’s movie ? Let’s see in this review

The movie is set in the backdrop of a magical kingdom, a place of supernatural powers and sorcery. The movie is all about the queen, Sridevi, and the ultimate commander, Sudeep. The Kingdom is in trouble and Vijay is the ‘Ray of Hope’ who comes to the rescue. Vijay is put into trouble in various ways and he proves his mettle each time. How he saves the land forms the rest of the story.

The movie has a wonderful cast that consists of Vijay, Shrutihaasan, Hansika, Sridevi and Sudeep. But still the movie lacks the fizz. he sets also seem like stages sometimes. Art director has failed big time. Cinematography is a bit iffy. Shrutihaasan is the actual female lead and all she does was exposing her midriff and cleavage. How Vijay acted without taking his eyes from such a sexy midriff ? That has to be the ultimate test for him as a warrior. If this is a children’s movie, why so much glamour is stuffed ?

A very poor film for children, annoying and maddening for adults. There might be plot holes, but in this movie there is no such thing as a plot. The cast it the biggest strength and everyone acted well. But when the direction and script fails, they end up as horrible product. The visuals are the only redeeming value. It is far better for a Tamil movie. But still the sets are like school drama sets. We heard 5 costume designers worked for this movie and it was reflected in each frame.

This movie is definitely not for Kids ! If you want your kids to lose their innocence take them to this world of fantasy where they can drool in the skin show of girls.

Verdict : Overall, Puli is Pointless and Boring with little sprinkles of Entertainment


Review : Jeyya Sibby Stephen

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