Papanasam Movie Review


Papanasam Movie Review

Cast : Kamalhassan,Gauthami,Nivedha Thomas

Direction : Jeethu Joseph

Music : Ghibran

Producer : Suresh Balaje George Pius Rajkumar Sethupathi Sripriya

Papanasam is the most expected film of 2015 for obvious reasons. People will watch this film for 2 reasons. First, to see if the film is good and other one is to see if the film is as good as the Malayalam version. I am happy to say that Papanasam is a perfect remake of Drishyam without losing the essence of the original. None other than KamalHaasan could have pulled off this mature and subtle role in the way he did. I will make sure to review Papanasam without drawing any comparisons with Drishyam.

Kamal Haasan summarises the entire film in a few lines in the climax. Its about a simple person and his happy family in Papanasam. For him, his family and their happiness is his highest priority. Suddenly, one person causes disturbance to the family. They request him to stop it. He does not listen. Now he is left with no choice other than to get rid of it to protect his family. What follows next is a classic psychological crime thriller, which will push you to the edge of your seats and amazes you with some splendid writing.

Am amazed by Jeetu Joseph’s screenplay. Detailing was flawless and narration was gripping. Though the film is around 3hours, it does not lag. The way he arranged the scenes made a huge difference. There are absolutely no logic loopholes and I don’t want to dig any further. Ghibran’s BGM adds to the tension in the 2nd half. Each frame in 2nd half races its way and BGM complimented the immaculate writing. Cinematography was at its best and neatly captured the nativity of Papanasam and thirunelveli. No complaints on editing, 1st half is a bit slow, picks up pace during interval and the 2nd half races to the finish line. A technically flawless film.

Regarding the acting department, the master, Kamal Haasan was at his very best. The range of emotions he portrayed were terrific. Not even once he crossed the line and kept his emotions in check. He pulled of this mature and subtle role with utmost ease and style. Take a bow Kamal Haasan for delivering the dialogues in clean Nellai Tamil slang and kudos for the effort. Nivedha Thomas was excellent in her emotions and expressions. Little Ester was flawless in her performances. Gauthami was good but she looked more rugged and stiff. Kalabavan Mani played a very important role and he was awesome.

I was a bit sceptical to see Kamal and Gauthami acting together on screen but they were good. But honestly, it would have had more impact if it was somebody else. IMHO :-)

Overall, Papanasam is definitely one of the best remakes in Kamal’s career and he just proves what an actor he can be if given a perfect script. Its a gripping crime thriller without blood, fights and gory scenes. The winner here is the screenplay and equally backed up by some stellar performances by Kamal Haasan. A must watch family entertainer with some intelligent writing and narration. Papanasam, a Jeethu Joseph and Kamal Haasan film

Verdict : Papanasam is definitely one of the best remakes in Kamal’s career and he just proves what an actor he can be if given a perfect script


Review : Rakesh Reddy

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