Neram Movie Review


Cast : Nivin Pauly , Nazriya Nazim , Naasar

Music : Rajesh Murugesan

Director : Alphonse Putharen

Producer : Red Giant Movies , Winner Bulls

Youtube & Facebook seems to be the biggest Promoting tools right now. No one even heard the movie name before “Pistah” Song got released in Youtube. It went on viral and reached 6 Lakhs views within few days. It reached wider range of audience and most importantly, the song impressed Udhaynidhi Stalin and made him to distribute this movie. Now, the movie had got little expectation as it was released by Stalin, who tastes continuous success.

If you are wondering, why the leading actors are from Malayalam industry. Here goes the answer – this movie was a Bilingual one. Malyalam Version got released last week and receiving mixed to positive response. Hero Nivin Pauly had got good fan following in Malayalam after his Superb Hit Movie “Thattathin Marayathu”. Heroine Nazriya Nazim is another big reason for decent opening for this movie as many of the youngsters have started liking her even before seeing her first film (Power Star – Sila Perae Pakkamayae Pidikum). Let us see whether the Tamil Version will satisfy the Common Man in this Review.

Story: Posters had the tag “First Ever Tamil Cinema that had Nothing New”. They were absolutely correct. The story is as old as MGR’s period. But, the narration style is very fresh and will engage the audience. Hero who is jobless searches for ways to pay the debts borrowed from the Villain.

Nivin Pauly had acted in more than 10 Malayalam Movies. But, his movie “Thattain Marayathu” (2012) was one of the biggest hit in Malayalam Cinema. Hero role in this movie is similar to a common man and he had done a decent job.

Nazriya Nazim – She started her career in 2006 as Child Artist and acted as Heroine in 2012. This confirms that she is Minor (Hope this answers the Million Dollar Question from Youngsters). Many youngsters will come to theaters to see this beautiful girl on the big screen. She had acted well and looks cute in the first half. She doesn’t have much screen presence in the second half. But, you may not feel bored as the last 30 minutes will be a LAUGH RIOT. She will be pairing with Dhanush, Arya, Jai in future movies and definitely will win the hearts of Tamilians.

Simha – He had done cameo role in Pizza and notable role in Soodhu Kavvum (Nayanathara Fan). He plays the role of a Comedy Villain and have done exceedingly well. Definitely, he will get more offers in the future.

Thambi Ramaiah and John Vijay’s characters in the movie were excellent. Thambi Ramaiah had really rocked in this movie. John Vijay’s voice modulation was too good. Scenes between them are the major positives for this movie

There are lots of supporting actors and almost everyone have done a wonderful job.

Music by Debutant Rajesh Murugesan was awesome. Background Music is major plus for this movie. Most expected “Pistah” Song was placed perfectly – during the chasing scene and climax of the movie. Promotional Pistah Song comes during the END CREDITS and 90% of the audience left the theatre only after the song got over, which confirms that this song is the latest sensation in Tamil Nadu.

Cinematography by Anand Chandran was too good. He had experimented lot of things and it had come out really well.

Multiplexes have Subtitles by Rekhs on all days which is a great move. It will help people who doesn’t knew Tamil to watch good movies. Rekhs Subtitles were Short & Sweet asusual.

“I steal from every movie ever made” – Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino. Alphonse Putharen do feels the same and agrees to it before the title credits itself. He is not only the director, but also editor of this movie. Hence, he should be knowing which are the scenes needed for the movie than anyone else in the world. Movie runs for less than 2 hours. Scenes are interlinked brilliantly.

Movie doesn’t have a story as mentioned in the posters, but have a unique approach. Screenplay of the movie was good with lots of twists in the movie. But, very very slow scenes with lengthy dialogues for almost 90 minutes is huge drawback for this movie. Scenes after Nassar’s introduction and Climax scenes were BRILLIANT (last 30 minutes). Nassar adds huge value to the movie with his wonderful acting and excellent dialogues. Movie picks up speed only after his intro.
It is yet another movie for people who likes movies similar to NKPK, Soodhu Kavvum,etc.

Verdict : it is a movie with old story, but with great execution


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