Nadigaiyin Dairy Movie Review


Cast : Sana Khan , Aravind Akash

Direction : Anil

Music : Berny-Ignatius

Production : Silanthi Aadhiraam

What is Nadigayin Diary all about?

The Nadigayin Diary speaks about the travails of actress Silk Smitha. The sex siren who rose to fame and had a fall is what the movie is all about.Sana Khan plays the female lead in the movie. The movie chronicles her struggle.Directed by Anil with story by Antony Eastman, the movie has screenplay by Kaloor Dennis and the dialogues are by Sreeja Ravi. The rest of the cast includes Suresh Krishna, Aravind, Subin, Shanthi among others.

How Are The Actors

The likes of Sana Khan, Suresh Krishna. Aravind, Subin, Shanthi among others in the lead. Sana Khan is at her best. She emotes well and renders justice to the character. It is tricky and demands more emotional outburst. And Sana Khan does it well. Suresh Krishna as entreprenur fits the bill well. Watchout for the supporting cast who does their best.

How Is The Direction

The direction is good. Anil has wielded the megaphone for Antony Eastman’s story. The movie unfortunately goes in a snail’s pace and songs put a brake often. At places, his direction reminds one of watching a mega serial.

Hows The Music

Berny Ignatius has scored the music. The songs have more of Malayalam flavour. It has everything ranging from melody to some peppy numbers.


Sanakhan wants to become an actress. She hails from a poor family. She manages to get a chance, SHe becomes popular. But falls for a business man RK (Suresh Krishna). Her life changes after the6y come close. A twist happens in the form of RK’s son. What happens then is the climax.


On the wholoe, the movie is no match to The Dirty Picture. It has everything one would want to know about Silk Smitha. But they are presented in the form of a melodrama. Had the events been made more brisk and intense, the end product could have been great.


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