Maranthen Manithen Movie Review


Starring : Aadhi, Taapsee, Lakshmi Manchu, Sudeep Krishnan

Direction : Kumar Nagendra

Music : Ilaiyaraaja

Production : Manchu Entertainement

Maranthen Manithen is the partially dubbed Tamil version of Gundello Godari(Telugu). The film creates some sort of expectation due to Ilaiyaraaja’s brand name and also for the visuals in the trailer. Lakshmi Manchu,daughter of popular Telugu actor Mohanbabhu has produced the movie and the film is loosely based on a Telugu novel.

Maranthen Manithen begins in 1986 with the marriage of Chitra (Lakshmi Manchu) and Malli (Aadhi). The film takes a sudden turn with the flood in the village. All four character Chita,Malli,Suri(Sudheep) and Sarala(Taapsee) has a flashback which forms the rest of the story.

First thing first ,the film should be lauded for some excellent Visuals and considering the budget the VFX portions in the flood sequence is okay. But the flashback sequence doesn’t have anything interesting. Especially Taapsee and Aadhi’s love portion falls very flat with overdose of glam quotient. Aadhi looks fit in Malli role but still the actor should work on his expressions.

Taapsee looks gorgeous and fits the bill, Lakshmi Manchu has given a laudable performance .But Sudheep is the one who steals the show the actor might go place by selecting good films.

On the flip side the film looks odd with with non lip sync at many places .Disappointingly Ilaiyaraaja’s songs are ordinary but the BGM is good at places. Director Kumar Nagendra must be appreciated for choosing 1986 backdrop and for using Godavari flood as a part of the screenplay but fails big time in portraying the love stories.

Verdict : Forgettable…


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