Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga Movie Review


Cast : Vimal , Sivakarthikeyan , Bindhu Madhavi , Regina , Soori

Direction : Pandiraj

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Producer : Escape Artists Motion Pictures,Pasanga Productions,Studio Green

Known for blending humor into the narrative of all his films, director Pandiraj has pulled off yet another full length comedy entertainer with a heart-tugging message towards the end. ‘Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga’ (KBKR) doesn’t boast of a storyline that will keep you hinged to your seats, but thankfully it has comedy to appeal one and all from the word go. Subtly addressing several issues revolving around modern day youngsters, KBKR has a winner written all over it.

Revolving mostly around the friendship of two childhood friends, Kesavan and Murugan, KBKR takes us the lives of these two characters and what happens in their lives when they decided to earn a career in politics. But, when things don’t go as planned, what happens in their lives? This forms the rest of the story.

Director Pandiraj, known for churning commercial entertainer, has this time very intelligently addressed the modern day relationship between parents and children in today’s era. By making a story as entertaining as possible, the film strikes chord with a little melodramatic but effective climax.

The subplots about the filth of politics and the state of politics in this country aptly fit into the narrative of the film. It also paves way to sensible comedy that at that very instant may appear stupid but will make sense later.

Performances by Vimal and Siva are satisfying, while Bindu and Regina also shine in the respective roles. It is extremely difficult to find even a single dull moment in the film, thanks to the director for that. Even though the film is a comedy entertainer at heart, but it succeeds in managing to drive home a thought worth dissection.

Yuvan’s music is partly elevates the film to certain extent, but on the whole it’s the simple story and witty dialogues work in the favour of the film. If you want to watch something worthy of every penny you spend, then here is your film

Verdict : Definitely watchable


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