Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya Movie Review


Starring : Santhanam, Srinivasan, Vishakha Singh, Sethu

Direction : K. S. Manikandan

Music : S Thaman

Production : Santhanam, Rama Narayanan

Pongal is here and so are the awaited releases of 2013! Capitalising on fame is the secret of the trade! Making hay while the sun shines, Santhanam comes up with a highly entertaining movie from his comic factory.

Director Manikandan chooses a story that has created quite a bit of controversy before the release. Of course he hasn’t lifted a frame by frame script but it is a highly influenced script of a yesteryear hero. He adds quite a bit of humour dose to it to differentiate!

As the trailers and promos convey, the story is about three friends who try to woo a girl who has just moved in to their neighbourhood. So how they go about it is shown in a humorous light!

When you have Santhanam around there is no doubt you are going to laugh. Forget the script, one member of the cast just tickles you to giggle! Powerstar Srinivasan! Appears he and boom you laugh! Funnier part is, most of the slapstick dialogues on him, got the audience to laugh with applause! Dialogues lighten up the movie just like the fresh cream on a cake!

Though the movie is projected as a complete laugh riot, in some scenes they proved a little too harsh on the audience as the jokes were more on physical appearance than any intellectual slapstick. But most part of it was truly funny.

After a while when you come out and ponder over the movie, all that was totally worth laughing about would have been on the Power star, who’s name in the movie it self is Power!

Songs were completely unnecessary in the movie. You won’t laugh or may be just giggle when you see Power dance. They were waste of reels! Taman’s music is mediocre except for one gaana song that features Santhanam and the title song.

All departments with respective to film making are of high standards. Even other members of the cast – VTV Ganesh, Devadarshini, Kovai Sarala, dance master Sivasankar, heroine Visakha and debutant Sethu perform well. Kovai Sarala was a tad loud but it’s okay. Simbu and Director Gautam Menon make a special appearance. We didn’t leak that, it was informed during the audio launch.

Comedy is the forte of the movie. It’s not a laugh riot as projected but yes you do chucke at times, giggle at times but laugh most of the time. Watch it for the comic drama featuring Santhanam and his timing slap-stick comedy and of course the charming Power Star!

While laughing about the jokes that passed by, bear with the songs and the pace of the movie. Oh while we laugh for a joke we just got reminded of, we wish you a happy and a hilarious Pongal!

3.5 Stars

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