Kabali Movie Review


Cast : Rajinikanth , Radhika Apte , Dinesh , Kalaiarasan , Dhansika

Director : Pa.Ranjith

Music : Santhosh Narayanan

Producer : Kalaipuli S Dhanu

Superstar Rajinikanth’s film is nothing short than a festival. Among a mamooth expectation and buzz, Kabali saw the lights today. He has teamed up with a two film old director Ranjith who has proved his potential with the two he made. So what is Kabali all about !

Kabali is the search of a don who has lost his 25years of life in prison and his family when he releases from jail. Meanwhile the search happens through his rivals and ends up with the revenge.

Ranjith’s vision and intentions were too good. Very rare that we can expect such emotion driven gangster film. He has to be credited for his thoughts. But things fall flat towards the end. Balancing emotions and commercial elements is no joke in such film and that is where Ranjith has struggled. Nevertheless, this is not a bad film.

Superstar Rajinikanth, the phenomenon, at his 60s has given the best. We dont get to see the actor Rajinikanth emote for a prolonged length these days. The search he had in his eyes, the emotions on seeing his family members, the actor in him shines bright. The swag, mass, charisma, energy also is infectious and we get to see both in this film.

Apart from the superstar, it is Dhanshika who impressed. Her characterisation is new and she fits to the t. She has done a commendable performance. RadhikaApte and other supporting cast were good too.

On the flip side, predictability brings down the excitement. The villain and his characterization is weak. And there are some let downs with no much effect to the movie viewing experience. Above all, it is the huge promotions and the buzz that was created that made our expectation to be kept sky high. And when a decent/good product is delivered, it never meets the expectation and that backfires.

Verdict : On the whole, Kabali is definitely worth watchable once.