Aaha Kalyanam Movie Review


Staring : Nani, Vani Kapoor, Simran

Director : A Gokul Krishna

Music : Dharan Kumar

Production : Yash Raj Films

I fail to understand why all remakes should be a frame-to-frame copy of their original? Is there no room for creativity in remakes or the makers feel it’s safe to stick to the tested-and-tried pattern than attempting something different? Following in the footsteps of several remakes, comes Aaha Kalyanam, the southern remake of Band Baaja Baarat that could have been better had it not tried to be little creative if not hundred percent.

Right from the opening scene to the sets, colors, song picturization, the film turns out to be a faithful remake of the original. I don’t have complains per se but I’m saddened by the fact that the film that I loved to the core in Hindi has hardly anything new to offer in Tamil. Although I walked in with least expectation knowing that a film like BBB will seldom work in Tamil, if not made with the local sensibilities intact.

Director Gokul Krishna hardly shows any prowess of a filmmaker as he relies heavily on the original. All that he does is cast new actors and remake a super hit Hindi film with the hope that it will work, but sadly it backfires and turns out to be a shoddy remake. With hardly any creativity in the output, Gokul’s Aaha Kalyanam is an aspiration film with lots of colors, some decent performances and terrible music.

Nani was good in his role and deserves some applaud for taking efforts to dub in his own voice in Tamil. His co-star Vaani, who is making her southern debut, was too good in the role but she lacked a south connect, and, therefore, didn’t work for me. The film should have ideally had a familiar south Indian face or at least a north Indian face that’s popular down south as well. Nevertheless, both of them performed well.

If only the film tried to be little different, made from the perspective of local sensibilities, it may have worked. Besides Nani and Vaani, there were no notable faces or performances that register in your head as you leave the cinema hall. For all those who watched the original, ‘Aaha Kalyanam’ was like watching the original version dubbed in Tamil.

Verdict : Lacks the soul of the local flavour


Review : Rajiv Menon

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