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Production: Moser Baer and Global One Studios Production
Direction: Jaganath
Star-casts: Cheran, Pasupathy, Nithin Sathya, Gajala, Vimala Raman, Navya Nair, Karthika and many others.
Music: Vidhyasagar
Cinematography: Rajesh Yadav
Art Director: Veera Balan
Editor: Kola Bhaskar
Lyrics: Kabilan, Yughabharathi and Jayantha.

Kollywood Today brings you the most exciting part of Raaman Thediya Seedhai. We have the exclusive preview right there for you…

The story centers on a bright young man who despites being a successful man in his career isn’t able to get a bride of perfect match for himself. He goes through several rejections from girls whom he encounters for an arranged marriage. The reason why they arent willing to accept is for the fact that he confesses honestly of a truth in hidden life. Like Raman in the epic of Ramayan of Hindu Mythology, he too goes in search of Seedhai for himself. Finally, he happens to find the right match wiht the help of a Radio Jockey.

Moserbaer has launched its production house with the intention of making good films and well this project would be one of the best illustration. Speaking about the film, Director Cheran says this will film fetch him good credits and he praises the talent of Director Jaganath.

Making his debut with this film Director Jaganath, has come up with such a different theme that will draw the audiences into screen while watching this film. Getting on to speak about the casts of the movie, Jaganath says that all the characters in the film will make audiences feel that they are all one among them. There is nothing to speak about supernatural heroes pouncing on 10 persons and fighting against them.

Director Cheran, Pasupathy and Nithin Sathya play lead role in the film while Navya Nair, Gajala, Vimala Raaman, Karthika play female lead roles.

Vidhyasagar scores music for the film tuning melodies to the lyrics penned by Yughabharathy, Kabilan and Jayantha. Rajesh Yadav handles camera works while Veerabalan will stand on the shoes of Veera Balan. Posing all the charcters with good looks, costume designer Sai and Make Up Man Sasi have done their best works.

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