Preview – NMV

Banner: Madras Entertainment (P) Ltd
Story: Chidambaram
Screenplay, dialogues and direction: Thai Mutthu Selvan
Starring: SJ Suryah and others are yet to be confirmed
Music: Vinay
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar
Editing: Gopi
Cinematography: Saravanan.R
Art: M.G.Murugan
Stunts: Action Prakash
Stills: Madhan
Production Manager: T.Ganeshan
Production Executive: Murugan

Madras Entertainment (P) Ltd commenced its production in tinsel town with Macchakaaran starring Jeevan and Kaamna in lead roles. Despites, the film not fetching good credits as well profit for the production house, it has now landed with New tonnin Moondram Vidhi starring SJ Suryah in lead role. Of course, with the unique line related to science carded as the title, it doesn’t mean that this flick is something to do with scientific theme as SJ Suryah had it done with New.

Getting onto know about the cast of the film, none other than protagonist and antagonist role have been chosen. SJ Suryah plays the lead role while actor Raajeev Who played lead role in yesteryear movie Aahaah and Yeh Nee Romba Azha gai Irukka is posed with negative role.

Thai Mutthu Selvan who commences his directorial venture with this film had earlier made famous TV series like Kaathu Karuppu and Yaar. Speaking about this film, the director says that the entire film is centered on the concept of Time factor that can be categorized under the genre of action-thriller.

The film is inspired from the Hollywood flick Terminator where the entire story is placed within a short period of time. Newtonnin Moondraam Vidhi has SJ Suryah playing the role of a fashion designer and his ladylove working as a secretary for one of the top 10 richest tycoon in India. Well, Raajeev is the only playing the tycoon’s role and he does something harmful to his secretary by raping and killing her.

Now the hero on his part decides to take revenge on the baddies who were responsible for the miserable scenario. We are sure that hero taking seeking vengeance is something like beating the same bush, but this has something new to do with time factor. Yup! The hero decides to get it all done within couple of hours. Within this time period, the baddie looses all his name and fame, the wealth he earned and is thrown onto the streets.

Wow! This sounds interesting isn’t? So hold viewers, the film is hitting the floors soon and for you near the theatres. Both Director and SJ Suryah are in search of good leading actress and will have get it done soon.

Expectation: With Much of difference