Preview – Kandha

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Star-casts: Karan, Mithra, Vivek, Niyamath, Mega, Sathyan, Aarthi, Kadhal Thandapani, Riyaaz Khan, Vimal and others.
Banner: V.P. Films Productions
Production: V.. Pazhani Vel
Direction: Babu K Viswanath
Music: Sakthi R Selva
Camera: Siva Kumar
Stunts: Super Subbarayan

Followed by the grand success of his yesteryear films, Karan has now established a prominent place for himself amongst the audiences in down south of Tamil Nadu. Now the actor is gearing up for the three releases – Kanagavel Kaakha, Kanda and Thambi Vettothi Sundaram.

Let’s take a glimpse over some of the highlighting traits of Karan’s ‘Kandha’. The film is about an unconditional bonding between a student and his teacher as they come across each other after a long time.

The film is produced by V. Pazhani Vel under the banner name of V.P. Films Productions. Turning lights on this film, director Babu K Viswanath says, “We never forget our teachers, who acted as ladders for the sake of our development and yet they remain at the same place. Kanda is one such story reveals about the respect and gratitude of a student for his teacher.”

Actor Rajesh, who performs the role of teacher, says that every scene has pictured perfectly that it gives a feel of watching short film on every sequence.

Vivek performs the role of a youngster, who all the way comes from Malaysia to Tanjore to offer a great boon to his fellowmen and suffers a lot from them. Since, the complete story takes place in Tanjore, the film has been shot over there in the same place with more nativity elements.

Recently, an action sequence was shot across the Kollidam river bridge with 20 biggies clashing with Karan and Super Subbarayan choreographed the sequence for 4 days. The film has 8 action sequences with 4 stunts, 1 Chasing and 3 police encounters.

Tanjore is a peaceful land that often has the roughnecks bullying down the town that is followed by police triggering out bullets on them. Set in such backdrops, ‘Kandha’ speaks about the emotional bonding between a teacher and his student. The film will bring some of the recorded events that happened in Tanjore. A breathtaking sequence of stunt was shot at Tanjore Bus Depot for 4 days and a famous journalist-cartoonist Aras makes his debut in this film enacting the role of a police commissioner.

Sakthi R Selva makes his debut as a music director with this film and he had earlier assisted various music directors as a keyboard player.

Babu K Viswanath is well known for his short stories, as a journalist and he makes his debut with this film.

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