Yuvaraj Singh insults Shah Rukh Khan

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Yuvaraj Singh is known for acting on the cricket stadiums and had gradually lost his tempo over games. In the past IPL series, he couldn’t even attempt for a better show due to his continuous distractions over IPL night parties and even kept running behind Preithy Zinta.

When Shah Rukh had just marked a funny comment at IPL awards saying that all the girls are always running behind Yuvaraj, the cricketer adamantly left a loose talk saying ‘It’s all because Shah Rukh Khan always keeps rubbing shoulders with Karan Johar and that’s why girl hesitate to run behind him.’

Dashed down in spirits, SRK complained about his misbehavior and left the awards ceremony much before it got over.

Neraya Yuvaraj loose talk pannikittae Irumpaanga Pola….

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