Yuvan Third Marriage with Zafrun Nizar


There is currently a huge controversy brewing over Yuvan Shankar Raja’s personal life yet again. Internet is flooding with reports that Yuvan has been engaged for the third time yesterday and will marry in the month of december.

According to the internet buzz Yuvan whose muslim name is Khalique was engaged to Zafrun Nizar and the marriage will take place in December first week in Dubai. Zafrun is reported to be a fashion designer based in Dubai.

Yuvan’s brother Karthik Raja has confirmed the news to a leading portal stating yes it’s true the marriage may take place in december but yuvan will personally announce the other details. But Premji Amaran denied this saying i heard this news yesterday and i asked Yuvan and he said it was all rumors and there was no truth in it.

Unless and until Yuvan personally the confirms the news rest all these talks are mere speculations.

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