Yogi – From Kalaingar to Sun Pictures

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It was a much confirmed news that Ameer’s debut as an actor ‘Yogi’ would be getting into the hands of Kalainyar television network. Indeed, the television channel had continuously aired the promos as well gave a LIVE telecast over the occasion of audio launch. But now, all of sudden the film has hop-skipped from the hands of Kalainyar into Sun Pictures.

During the occasion of audio launch, Hansraj Saxena of Sun Pictures had officially confirmed that they have acquired the film’s release rights from Ameer. Also, they revealed that soon the production house will look out for more projects including ‘Kutty’ starring Dhanush and Shriya in lead roles.

According to the closer sources, it has been revealed that Ameer’s close friend had personally advised him to give the film’s right over to Sun Network as they have the ability to market the films at best.