Yathumagi – a tale from girl’s POV

So far, there have been many romantic films where the entire tale is carried ahead from protagonist’s point of view. But ‘Yathumagi’ seems to be quite unparalleled from those clichéd traits as filmmaker Balakumar admits it.

The film is about a girl (played by Sunaina) who travels from Kumbakonam to meet her beau in Chennai (performed by newcomer Sachin). Well, the duo possesses contrastive characters as just like chalk and cheese. How they get united in spite of their differences forms crux of the story.

Major portion of the film will have Sunaina appearing in half saris and she really felt difficult wearing it. Finally the crew came up with an idea of asking to wear jean pants and then cover it with half sari since it would ease her to walk ahead.

Sakthi Sangahavi and Mohan Sangahavi are producing this film under the banner Chozha Creations. Plans are to release the film on Nov 20…

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