Will these small tickets make it for Diwali race?

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With BIG TICKETS ‘Aadhavan’, ‘Peranmai’ and 4 Bollywood flicks including A.R. Rahman’s musical score of ‘BLUE’ hitting screens, the small and medium budgets flicks are indeed ready to strike with their show.

‘Adhe Neram Adhe Idam’ starring Jai and Vijayalakshmi in lead roles will release on Diwali with minimum prints while ‘SAA BOO THRI’ with entire newcomers is joining the race.

SA BOO THRI features Arshad Khan, Prajan and Akshay in lead roles while Arshad himself makes his debut directorial with this film. Rajesh Khanna has produced the film under banner name of R Studios. It has 5 heroines: Midhuna, Sarah, Aksha, Ujjaini and Pinki.

Usually, there are clichéd traits of every festive season that the crowd disappointed with non-availability of tickets will opt for these small budget film and likely it’s a favorable situation for those producers.

Let’s wait and watch whether these flicks are gonna make it happen for this season and we extend our wishes for their success.

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