Will Nayan stop the success of ‘Aadhavan’?

This has been the most often question amongst the masses. Tamil film industry is much different from other regional ones. Know what? If Mumbaikars do watch the film for entertainment, our people are so adhered to the film stars and directors as they perceive them to be like their own family.

But when the same personalities are found to be involved in some ludicrous deeds, the masses would turn down and stop encouraging them.

Likely, Surya’s ‘Aadhavan’ seems to be drenched is similar problems as Nayanthara has paired up with him. The actress has involved in an affair with Prabhu Deva and this has really dropped down their likeliness on her.

Let’s wait and watch the results of ‘Aadhavan’. Even if the film goes with triumph at box office, Nayanthara will have no part in it.

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