Will Namitha overtake Shakeela?

Actress Namitha is almost close on the calls of overtaking Shakeela… Yeah! If you’re a Namitha fan, hold your breaths for you’ll have to do it more as you are watching her upcoming film ‘Azhagana Ponnu’. The film is produced as a joint venture of producers from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. So far, we haven’t got to know what the story of this film is about.

But then, the only news we have got is that she has exposed almost all parts of her body. Buzzes are that, Kerala fans have been eagerly awaiting the film’s release feeling that they’re sure that Namitha will overtake Shakeela – Queen of ‘Gilma’ movies. Namitha’s recent release ‘Jagan Mohini’ didn’t make it big in box office and literally, she is taking up more projects of this sort…

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