Will Murali strike Gold in 4th innings?

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On the buttons, it’s gonna take everyone for a guessing part whether the actor would make it successful in this second innings. It’s all about Actor Murali who had been getting through colossal career in the past. His forthcoming film ‘Nee Unnai Arindhal’ is all set to take off for the release and audio was recently launched. Speaking on that occasion, Murali said “ I have completed 25 years of my life in tinsel town.

But after every hit film I go for a big gap.. As a matter of fact, this is my 4th and now when youngsters are rocking in town, I had a great doubt whether I can succeed. At that point of time, I got to heed this beautiful script that gave me more hopes’. At the moment, Murali’s son ‘Adharva’ has also debuted in ‘Baana’ that will soon hit the screens.

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