Will Ilayathalapathy keep his fans away from disappointments?

Being ardent fans of Ilayathalapathy Vijay, it has been a disappointing thing to see that the actor hasn’t given any hits in the past 3 years except ‘Pokkiri’. Now the actor has completed changed his style of film as ‘Kaavalan’ will not have any traces of his previous films. This is a pure heart-touching love story that has poignancies sprinkled everywhere.

Of course, couple of things has clearly signified that ‘Kaavalan’ is a different film from Vijay. The actor has no mass hero like introduction song and there is not even a single Kuthu song. And one more surprise: there are no punch dialogues in this film.

With so many surprising factors, it looks like ‘Kaavalan’ will be a hit movie and indeed a real surprise for his fans.

Kollywood Today wishes Vijay all the best that his upcoming film ‘Kaavalan’ will do at its best in box office.

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