Why Vaaranam Aayiram wasn’t release at Kerala?

Gowtham Vasudev Menon, not just a good director, but a finest entrepreneur when it comes to distribution of his films. ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ that was slated to hit the screens on the occasion of Diwali didn’t do so and what could have been the reasons? For everyone’s knowledge, it was a known fact that none of the distributors came forward in getting distribution rights of the film due to high rates. In Kerala, none of the distributors and exhibitors came forward to take the film, since Mollywood’s magnum opus ‘Twenty-20’ starring almost all the leading actors will be hitting screens tomorrow.

In Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu version ‘Surya s/o Krishna’ wasn’t taken by distributors have high quoted rates. With Azhagiri and his son Dayanidhi getting into this project, things have been settled down and plans are to release the film successfully on November 14, since by that time many theatres would have cleared off with ‘Aegan’ and ‘Sevval’.

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