Why Trisha is partying in Kerala now?

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The slim actress has put on weight now. Any guesses? Not just because of strict yoga and meditation. Hey! She’s perhaps ageing now crossing above 30. Fine, what’s interesting about her is that the party animal hasn’t been spotted in late night bash-outs in the recent times.

She’s no more desiring for Chennai and Hyderabad that used to be her be favorite hot spot of throwing parties. Yes, Trisha has shifted her place to Kerala now as there wouldn’t any space for gossip columnists to barge open into the space for penning the idiotic act of this girl where she slapped a cricketer and police officer’s wife.

Recently, the actress had hosted a part therein Kerala where Mollywood celebrities were present. Most of the leading actors had requested to pair up with them. She indeed demanded the same 8-digit salary and they’ve accepted it.

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