Why Ram Gopal Varma gets bad reviews all the times?

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Want to know one and only filmmaker who never cares about film reviews by critics? Obviously, who can be so bold than Mr. Ram Gopal Varma, who during a general interview strongly commented that he doesn’t care about the reviews done on his films? Perhaps, that could’ve been the sole reason why critics are always centered on deteriorating his films. None of the reviews will give me the star-rating of more than 1 or 2 out of 5.

Just go through the recent reviews of his film ‘Agyaat’ – a horror-adventure loosely based on Hollywood flick ‘Predator’. Once, we got through the reviews it was brimmed with funny comments that it isn’t a horror film but a comedy piece. But as we checked through the film, it wasn’t as pathetic as it was mentioned. Precisely, we’ve got to wait for the film’s arrival as it didn’t release in Tamil Nadu alone. But sooner, UTV Productions will dub the film in Tamil and release it all over the state.

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