Why Rajnikanth is ‘Mental’?

Superstar Rajnikanth has been making high waves throughout the World and that’s the magic of his charisma. A great man who is worshipped and respected by many, an entity being an inspiration for zillions in the World regarded as ‘Mental’. How dare do the magazine happen to be so atrocious in commenting on him. Not alone us, here we have one of the leading journalists who earlier worked in Junior Vikatan. Over here, he brings about his working experience and how the scenario has changed today.

Mayavarthan in his blog has printed the following the statements…..

“There were times when I worked there in the magazine of Junior Vikatan when I respected it with all my soul. My insatiable passion for journalism was sprouted over there, since I could learn the best ethics. The officials working there kept it a point that any individual, be it a big tycoon or a small time petty shop owner, none must be hurt with personal intentions. But today, I feel ashamed that the officials have turned unsaturated in their works. I have been observing the magazine for past few days and they have been personally attacking the name of Rajnikanth.

Earlier, one of worst lame named Kavitha had penned an article that carried these lines, “I Think (Rajnikanth) is still mental… Let me request him to keep his holes shut..” It was really a great shock for me to read that article.. Let him be a good or bad person, none has the rights of insulting an individual with such harsh and filthy words. But the girl is so intelligent, since she has stated these lines in English with the entire article in Tamil. Of course, she has thank herself for few wouldn’t have understood it. If she had published the same lines in Tamil, then things would have been different for her.

Immediately after reading this article, I had mailed them stating that they published such kind of stories only hear it from them that I am using abusive words. If so, is it right what they have done?.

In the recent article, Junior Vikatan had a series of questions for Rajnikanth. One among them stated “Rajnikanth have you been steady in any of the statements?” Earlier, you opposed Jayalalitha and then you felicitated her as ‘Dhairya Lakshmi’ (Courageous God). I wanna ask the reporters who penned this question that whether they are sure about they have asked.

Yes, Rajnikanth opposed Jayalalitha for her improper works as a chief minister and then when she made up for it committing good deeds like Rain Harvesting Systems, Banning piracy of Tamil movies and many more, he came up with the statement that its great for a woman to do such bold things alone.

I am asking you people, is it anything wrong what he has said????

Junior Vikatan has lost all its brand making such silly stories and I regret for being a part of the journal….

Another person in his blog has stated that Ananda Vikatan has bee earning revenue using the name of Rajnikanth. It would either singing appraisals of him or by degrading him.

Cho Ramasamy has stated that Rajnikanth has been clear in his statement during his speech. The blunder he committed was that he wrongly used the word ‘Kick’…. He actually meant that those the problem creators must be kicked and not the innocent people over there.

Sathya Narayananan, P.A. to Rajnikanth has stated if they to had to provoke the fans of Rajnikanth against the journal, then things would have been completely different. But Rajni sir doesn’t like it.

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Courtesy: Mayavarathan & Onlysuperstar

Translation by Kollywoodtoday.Com

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