Why Nayanthara refused Manirathnam’s offer?

Was it due to her hectic schedules or ‘deglamorizing’ factor? The entire tinsel town seems to be dumbfounded for Nayan’s uncompromising talk with ace filmmaker Manirathnam. According to the sources, before couple of days it was reported that Suhasini Manirathnam had buzzed up Nayan regarding her role in ‘Raavana’. The detailed information of closer sources have revealed that Nayan was offered to enact the role of Raavana’s wife (mythological characterization of Mandodari)… The actress backed off from the project saying that she’s busy with other films and cannot withdraw it for the sake of ‘Raavana’. But the real fact is that she’s eagerly awaiting for her boyfriend who has promised to take her for Bollywood ride.

Will Nayanthara be ‘wanted’ in Bollywood?

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