Why Music Directors like Cars?

Gone are those days when film celebrities used to spend more time giving interviews for the media channels. Today, the film industry has expanded in such a way that the celebrities have become busy with multiple projects. Not just in their regional projects, but they are going gaga over places. Let us take Ilayaraja and A.R.Rahman for illustration.

During those days Ilayaraja was fixed up only with Tamil film industry and today that’s not the case with A.R.Rahman for he keeps churning out music in Tamil as well for Hollywood projects. The younger generation has got to realize that each second is precious and at the same moment they cannot refuse the interviews with media channels. So what they do is give interviews to the journalists while travelling by car. It all started with A.R.Rahman and now we have his nephew G.V.Prakash following the same.

Well, Devi Sri Prasad and Harris Jayaraj too seem to have been getting on the same way…