Why Harris is out of Gowtham’s next film ?

Gowtham Menon and Harris Jeyaraj combo worked well in films like Minnale, Kaakha Kaakha and Vetayadu Vilayudu. But now Gowtham has tried to change his favourite composer for his new film Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam. Featuring four new actors along with Trisha as the heroine, Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam is said to be the story of young software professionals. Gowtham and Harris are not parting over any issue but want to try something novel. He has opted for AR Rahman to do the music only because he wanted to work with him once.

Sources close to Gowtham have stated that he has no specific reason for eliminating Harris Jayaraj. Gowtham is a director who used to keep changing cinematographers for all of his films and this time he has tried it out with music director. Let’s see how this new combo does work between AR Rahman and Gowtham Menon…

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